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Latest Work

Candidates Stop Saying ‘Middle Class’

Instead of new rhetoric about the middle class, Presidential candidates should invent policies to save it.

The Language of the Unheard

The protesters in Baltimore need to be heard. Are we listening?

Do Americans Want to Tax the Rich?

This simple question can’t seem to get a simple answer. A look at some new attempts to explain why.

Keeping Up With the Waltons

In the wake of Walmart’s decision to raise workers’ wages, Dollar General announced it will offer better schedules.

We Owe You Nothing!

A new landmark student debt strike is drawing attention to the desperate need for action on a student debt crisis that’s enriching a few at the expense of an entire generation.

Walmart Needs a Maximum Wage

Walmart raised wages after being pressured by its own employees, but it still outpaces the pack when it comes to overpaid execs. – See more at:

A Budget Plan for the People

The President’s populist budget will leave Republicans scrambling to explain why they don’t support it.

Pull Yourself Up by Your Bread Bags

The rules are stacked against most of us.

Inequality Is Costing Us Big-Time

Americans pay more for an economy that pumps our treasure to the top than you probably think.

Top Five Inequality Moments of 2014

From Thomas Piketty to Black Lives Matter, inequality remains a top issue for Americans. Here’s a roundup of the top 5 inequality moments of 2014.

Port Strikes Mirror Organized Labor’s Roots

Port truck drivers are denied the very same employment rights that workers in the first Gilded Age fought so hard to achieve.

The Next Frontier for Workers’ Rights

A new law in San Francisco to curb erratic scheduling practices could be the first of many.

Does This Definition Make Me Look Rich?

No statistical contortion can hide the growing divide between the 1 percent and everyone else.

No, Your Server Is Not on the Menu

For women who make their living off tips, sexual harassment is a constant workplace peril.

You Just Got ‘Richsplained’

A millionaire’s attempt to explain why he’s better than you falls flat.

A New Gameplan for Taking Down Privatizers

The outsourcing of public services to private go-getters has concentrated wealth the whole world over. The best answer to that concentration? That just may be new forms of public ownership.

How Much Wealth Are Our Wealthiest Hiding?

More than enough, the latest statistical evidence suggests, to warrant a full-fledged federal search. A new banking law in effect this month could start that search in the right direction.