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Latest Work

Banks Make Millions Playing Games with Your Accounts

As Americans are desperately trying to juggle their finances, bank CEOs are maximizing their profits through overdraft fees.

Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” Proposal is Anything But

Predictable as ever, the House Speaker’s plan would give an average annual tax break of nearly $800,000 to the top 0.1 percent.

The Leaders of 1776 Philadelphia Would Be Appalled at Today’s Staggering Inequality

This Fourth of July, we should remember what the founders knew: wealth concentration is a threat to the success of the nation.

The DNC’s Draft Policy Agenda Shows a Major Shift in the Financial Transactions Tax Debate

Advocates will continue to push for the tax on Wall Street that could raise billions in revenue over 10 years.

The Spanish Left’s Proposal to Combat Inequality

Despite disappointing election results, the Podemos Party’s commitment on inequality has already reshaped the Spanish political landscape.

Who and Where are America’s Working Poor?

Almost half of U.S. workers earn less than $15 an hour. This new report details their struggles.

Rising Inequality Hit us Twice: Once During Recession and Again in Recovery

New research shows that the same inequality that gets us into economic messes, significantly slows the clean-up.

These States are Taking Tax Reform into Their Own Hands

Massachusetts, California, and Oregon are all launching campaigns to combat rising inequality. Other states should take note.

How Unequal is Your City?

A new report let’s you know how much of your community’s income growth is flowing to the one percent – down to state, city, and county.

Don’t let Koch’s New “End the Divide” Ad Fool You

The only thing Koch’s new campaign is missing is the truth: we need policies aimed at redistributing wealth.

Putting Class Back in Class Warfare

The Other 98% co-founder John Sellers discusses the power of creative resistance.

The Real Reason Republicans Are Going after the IRS

It’s simple: a weak IRS helps the wealthy avoid paying taxes.

Half of Prince’s $300 Million Estate Could Be Taxed. That’s a Good Thing.

The late pop star eschewed tax-dodging chicanery and will still leave a sizable fortune to his heirs—as well as to the taxpayers who helped him succeed.

It’s Up to Us to Level CEO Pay

Let’s stop waiting for corporate insiders to fix staggering executive pay inequality.

It Doesn’t Help the Rest of Us When the Wealthy Go Shopping

Inequality apologists want you to believe that when the rich buy expensive new products, we all benefit. But our wallets tell a different story.

What the IRS Says About the State of Our Democracy

Underfunding the IRS helps the very wealthy at the expense of the middle and working class. So why do we do it?

Wall Street as a Matter of Life and Death

For New York City AIDS activist Bobby Tolbert, drug profiteering and tax dodging by financial elites is a violation of basic American values.

The Awesomely Affluent are Cheating Average Americans of More Than $400 Billion a Year in Federal Taxes

Congress needs to subject the super rich to the same reporting and withholding standards as the rest of us.

Tupac Shakur on Inequality, Greed, and Donald Trump

Two decades before Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy, the hip-hop artist described the absurdity of inequality in America that continues to get worse today.

Inequality is at the Heart of the Verizon Strike

Tens of thousands of Verizon employees walked off the job to protest the corporate giant that has registered massive profits and lavished extravagant pay on executives while shortchanging workers and customers.