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Poverty spiked sharply in the U.S. in 2022 after having declined in 2021

SPM data shows a historically steep increase of 4.6 percentage points from 7.8% to 12.4% . “The stark contrast paints a vivid picture of the ways in which poverty is a political choice, not a personal one.”

Executive Excess 2023

New report finds the ‘Low-Wage 100’ large corporations have spent more than $340 billion on stock buybacks since 2020.

Sixty Years After MLK’s “I Have A Dream” Speech, New Report Projects Over 500 Years To Achieve Black Economic Equality

Sixty years without substantially narrowing the Black-white wealth divide is a policy failure. But just as federal policy helped create the racial wealth gap, it can also help close it.


Criminalization of Race and Poverty Program at the Institute for Policy Studies Responds to the Debt Ceiling Deal

“It makes it harder for poor and low-income families to access food benefits they deserve, while making it easier for wealthy people to cheat on their taxes.”

Statement from International Allies against Mining in El Salvador on Mar. 29 Protest at Salvadoran Embassies in US and Canada

From the US and Canada, we defend El Salvador’s historic mining ban and call for the immediate release of jailed Santa Marta 5 Water Defenders!

Criminalization of Poverty Program at IPS’s Statement on President Biden’s Budget

“As an expression of values, its proposals to invest in families and workers, protect Social Security, and strengthen Medicare reflect the values of most of us.”

A Quarter of Biden’s Budget Will Go to Pentagon Contractors

Today the White House released the President’s budget request, laying out the President’s priorities for the country.

Más de 220 organizaciones piden a Gustavo Petro y Francia Márquez revisar los tratados de inversión internacional que permiten millonarias demandas contra el Estado colombiano

“Es urgente la necesidad de impedir que la búsqueda de justicia ante abusos de multinacionales, daños y pasivos socioambientales, laborales, financiación del paramilitarismo, amenazas o asesinato de líderes sindicales se vea saboteada por este sistema.”

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