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PRESS CONFERENCE: Join IPS and NM leaders 2/2 at 9 AM MT on “Why New Mexico Needs a Just Transition from Fossil Fuels and False Solutions”

IPS will host a critical virtual press conference highlighting key findings from a new report and featuring the insight and perspectives of key New Mexican environmental justice and Indigenous leaders.

251 Organizations from 29 countries call on Salvadoran government to drop the charges against leading Water Defenders arrested on January 11

Organizaciones internacionales piden al gobierno salvadoreño que retire los cargos contra Defensores del Agua detenidos el 11 de enero [TEXTO EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO]

New Institute for Policy Studies Report Finds That an Annual Wealth Tax on the World’s Richest Could Raise $1.7 Trillion Globally

The report includes country-by-country data on wealth inequality and the revenue possibilities of national wealth taxes.

New Institute for Policy Studies Report Exposes Stark Choice in New Mexico between Just Transition and False Solutions

The report features insights from New Mexican researchers and community leaders on how community-led energy solutions would benefit the state.

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Authors of Report on “Billionaire Enabler States” Available for Comment on The New Yorker Exposé on Allegations of Getty Family Trusts’ Tax Dodging

“Nevada has helped make it possible for super-wealthy families like the Gettys to dodge taxes owed to other states like California.”


Solidarity with Ukraine

The Ukraine Solidarity Network believes that the victims of aggression have every right to defend themselves and should receive the support of those who support national self-determination and justice.

Biden FY 2023 Budget Puts War Before Human Needs

The U.S. has relied for far too long on a false equation of military might and higher military spending with security.

Budget Deal Prioritizes War and Militarization Over Critical Needs, Again

This deal is a sign that there is still a long way to go before our funding priorities match our needs.

National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies Condemns Passage of a $778 Billion Pentagon bill, Celebrates Lawmakers Who Opposed

“Stop lavishing money on the Pentagon while skimping on everything else,” said National Priorities Project director Lindsay Koshgarian.

94 Organizations Urge Congress to Stand Up to Pressure from Corporate Lobbyists and Pass President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

Letter denounces corporate lobbyists’ assault on vital programs and services supporting children and working families and combating climate change.

IPS in the News

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