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Latest Work

Four Common Tax Confusions

Quick comebacks to the regressive tax rhetoric you hear on the radio and around the dinner table.

Corporate Lobby Pulls Out Old Playbook

National Restaurant Association uses cheap tactics to try to undercut criticism of their anti-worker, anti-consumer agenda.

Before Bankruptcy, Peabody Execs Feasted on Climate Disaster

Peabody Energy filed for bankruptcy today, but its top executives will still be enjoying the millions they pocketed before the collapse of coal.

Rare Wins for Tax Fairness Spark New Life Into the Movement

Congress can only ignore the blatantly dishonest practice of offshore tax evasion for so long.

Why I’m Ready to Get Arrested with Restaurant Workers

Groups like ROC and the hundreds of others that are leading the Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening mobilizations are working to build the power that can counter corporate lobby groups. Everyone who cares about the state of our democracy should join them.

Panama Papers Expose the Hidden Wealth of the World’s Super-Rich

This massive leak of transactions involving 214,488 offshore corporations, covering 40 years of activity, will boost the global movement to recapture trillions of the hidden wealth of nations.

TurboTax is Lobbying to Make Filing Your Taxes More Difficult

A call to boycott the tax preparation companies spending millions making sure the tax code is overly complex.

The Treasury Department Could Help Block Offshore Tax Havens

Big Pharma company Pfizer is currently evading $40 billion in tax obligations and trying to make that permanent through a tax-dodging marriage with Irish firm Allergen.

What Does the One Percent Owe You?

A new interactive website is vividly showing just how much economic inequality is costing you.

Kasich is No Moderate on Inequality

Kasich tries to present himself as the moderate anti-Trump, but his time as governor has been marked by regressive tax reform that helps the rich and hurts the rest.

Did This Star CEO Deserve Mega Millions For His Work?

The passing of Intel’s Andy Grove has much of the business world claiming that corporations owe their success to their chief executives.

These Millionaires Want Wall Street to Close its Carried Interest Tax Loophole

A network of 200 business leaders and high net worth individuals, are making their case in Albany for closing this egregious Wall Street handout.

Do Populist Candidates Appeal to Affluent Voters?

The numbers suggest that a broad coalition of Americans support a pro-worker economic agenda.

Another CEO Pads His Own Pockets While Cutting Worker Pensions

Once a shining symbol of the success of the New Deal, today the Tennessee Valley Authority symbolizes the excesses of Corporate America.

Remembering Martin Sabo, A Champion of Fairness

Representative Martin Sabo fought for working people to reduce inequality. We’re proud to have worked alongside him.

What Happens When the Rich and Poor Literally Stop Seeing Each Other?

As our cities become more segregated by income, cross-class empathy becomes less likely, and the cycle continues, making us more unequal.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Ultra Rich

New data provides a glimpse into the lives of the richest of rich—how the 400 highest earners make their money and pay their taxes.

Hillary vs. Bernie vs. the 1 Percent

The two Democratic Party White House hopefuls agree on cutting back the after-tax incomes of America’s rich. They disagree significantly on how much.

Populism and Plutocrats: Two Very Different Tax Plans

Infographic: The media calls Trump an outsider, but his presidency would have the one percent winning even bigger.

Inequality in the SEC Primary States

Super Tuesday voters in Southern states should consider the one thing they all have in common: crushing inequality.