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Latest Work

New Bill Would Save Taxpayers from Funding CEO Golden Parachutes

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: “American taxpayers should never again be on the hook for lavish pay packages at bailed-out firms.”

Why the Right Should Fear Inequality

Conservative assumptions about the link between freedom and inequality don’t add up.

Do We Really Need a Billionaire Class?

Veteran analyst Gar Alperovitz is helping America see how we can create wealth without creating a super wealthy.

Looking Beyond The Election

Three visionary thinkers offer their ideas for a more just and equitable economic future.

Game Changers: How We Can Unrig the Rules and Reverse Runaway Inequality

Eight bold solutions, rooted in social movements, that can break through our broken political system.

Inequality in America’s Political Class

The wealth gap between the presidential candidates and average Americans could hardly be more stark.

Rubio: Eliminate Taxes on All Capital Gains?

Cutting all taxes on investments was a bad idea sixteen years ago and remains a bad idea today.

Zuckerberg on Track for Trillionaire?

The Facebook founder saw his wealth ranking jump while others sink. At his age, he appears to be the most likely candidate for the world’s first trillionaire.

What Do Our Wealthiest Deserve?

Our world’s billionaires don’t merit either their billions, suggests Oxfam economist Didier Jacobs, nor the right to claim we’re all living in a ‘meritocracy’.

The Latest on the Racial Wealth Gap

New analysis shines spotlight on the growing racial disparity in wealth with up-to-date figures and cutting edge public policy solutions.

Negative Wealth Matters

What the negative wealth at the bottom of the economic spectrum says about our overall economy matters deeply.

Get Ready to Be Forked

The leading advocate for U.S. restaurant workers is releasing a new book that aims to redefine success in the deeply unequal restaurant business.

How Will the Candidates Tax the Rich?

Bernie and Hillary have each laid out detailed plans to reduce inequality through reforming the tax code. Here’s where they stand.

Here’s What the Millionaires at Davos Can Do About Global Inequality

Instead of just talking about inequality, the global business elites gathering in Switzerland can do something about it: Stop dodging their taxes.

Obama’s Take On Inequality

The president shifts focus to the next administration to solve inequality.

Fat Cat Tuesday: A CEO Pay Milestone

CEOs on both sides of the Atlantic have already made more in 2016 than most of their workers will make for the entire year.

Affluenza: An Outrage in All Its Forms

The tax treatment of the ultra wealthy might be the biggest scandal of all

Cash Rules Everything Around Martin

Pharma Bro’s one-of-a-kind album purchase exemplifies how the ultra rich are polluting our culture.

Free Tuition for Donald Trump’s Kids?

Making college tuition free for everyone, some claim, would waste scarce tax dollars on rich households that don’t need them. Does that claim hold water?

An Open Letter to the Top 1 Percent

You might want to rethink all those really nice things you’ve been saying about ‘equality of opportunity.’