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Latest Work

A Telling Tale of Two Press Lords

Rupert Murdoch made the world safe for grand fortune. E.W. Scripps had a better idea.

America’s Auto Workers: On Strike Against Inequality. Again.

UAW activists years ago helped usher in a vastly more equal society. Can history repeat?

The Tie That Truly Binds Grand Fortune and Great Talent

Our world’s richest are increasingly monopolizing the smarts of our smartest.

More than Half of America’s 20 Top Public Charities Are Donor-Advised Funds

The highest-earning DAF now takes in $11 billion more than the highest-earning working charity.

Which Nation Has Taxed the Rich the Most?

Britain and the United States once competed for that honor. Times have changed.

The 100 Largest Low-Wage Employers Have Spent $341 Billion on Stock Buybacks Since 2020

A new report reveals how stock buybacks have inflated CEO paychecks and widened pay gaps at the 100 largest low-wage corporations.

Wealthy People Working for Justice? Michael Gast’s Map of an Unprecedented Movement

Exploring the burgeoning movement to organize the rich for our common good.

Oligarchy Has Arrived. Congress Must Take Notice — and Act!

An innovative tax-the-rich proposal now before lawmakers would reverse the wealth concentration that’s suffocating our democracy

New Stats, Old Story: Our Rich Are Raking

From Swiss bank researchers, an alarming update on our global maldistribution of wealth

The Tesla Take on ‘Sharing’ the Wealth

Detroit’s automakers are lusting after the massive executive rewards in the Musk corporate empire

Have Our Corporate Chiefs Become Expendable?

Analysts across the political spectrum are challenging more than oversized CEO paychecks

Can We Measure Inequality Without Tallying the Wealth of Our Wealthy?

Hundreds of prestigious economists don’t think so. The World Bank, unfortunately, does.

The Most Ludicrous Argument Ever Against Taxing the Rich?

Why are our planet’s finest hoopsters bricking free throws? Pals of plutocrats have a convenient explanation.

Wealth Hoarding and Capitalist Capture

In this episode of “For the Wild,” guest Cuck Collins dives deeply into the world of wealth hoarding and staggering inequality.

A Good Year’s Pay for a Good Day’s Work?

A Good Year’s Pay for a Good Day’s Work?

While the Rich Sit On Massive Nest Eggs, Young People Struggle to Save for Retirement

Young workers already facing high rents and student debt will pay the biggest price for Social Security cuts. We can’t sit on the sidelines.

Private Foundations Gave $2.6 Billion in Grants to National Donor-Advised Funds in 2021

Private foundations are currently allowed to make grants to donor-advised funds, or DAFs, and to count those grants toward their charitable distribution requirement of 5 percent of their assets each year.

Protecting Our ‘Opportunity’ to Remain Plutocratic

The Supreme Court is erasing our shared responsibility for educating each and every child.

The Power of Fiction in Social Change

IPS Executive Director Tope Folarin and Chuck Collins explore how can fiction shape new narratives for the future.

The 2022 Giving Slump Exposes the Fragility of Top-Heavy Charity

When ultra-wealthy donors dominate philanthropy, our charities are less resilient.