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Latest Work

In Guatemala, Harris Should Address U.S. Policies That Put Corporations Over People

As the Vice President seeks to remedy root causes of migration, she should vow to dismantle neoliberal rules that have been devastating for rural and Indigenous peoples.

Living Ever Larger in the Lap of Luxury

The rich have become so rich that just selling to the rich can make you the world’s richest person.

Tax Foundation Sounds the Alarm — over the Plight of Totally Mythical Taxpayers

No actual taxpayers are going to face anything remotely close to the tax rate critics of the Biden tax plan are claiming.

To Grow Our Economic Pie, Cut More Equal Slices

Redistributing wealth downward, new calculations suggest, can make societies richer.

Poor People’s Campaign and House Progressives Call for a ‘Third Reconstruction’

A new Congressional resolution lays out a comprehensive vision for eradicating poverty and tackling racial and economic inequality.

Family Offices: Trillion Dollar Pools of Unregulated Capital You Haven’t Heard About

With the collapse of Archegos Capital, family offices — a main tool of the wealth defense industry — are in the headlines.

Over 100 Youth-Led Groups Convene To Address Intersectional Climate Justice

Addressing inequality remains a top priority for youth climate advocates.

New Research Vindicates Scientist Attacked by Pork Industry Over Environmental Racism Charges

Corporate industrial livestock operations pose serious health threats to nearby residents, who are often low-income people of color.

The Justice McDonald’s Workers Seek Workers at Spain’s Mondragón Have Found

We don’t have to organize our economy around enterprises that pay CEOs over 1,000 times what workers make.

While Professing BLM Support, Wall Street Banks Reject Racial Equity Audits

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is urging shareholders to vote against a proposed review of the impact of bank policies and practices on racial inequality.

Can We Get a Vaccine for the Greed Pandemic?

The avarice virus escaped decades ago from corporate boardrooms. We can beat it.

Corporations Should Not Have the Power to Undermine the Global Battle Against COVID-19

Even if governments agree to suspend patent protections for vaccines, corporations can fight back with expensive lawsuits.

How Corporations Pumped Up CEO Pay While Their Low-Wage Workers Suffered in the Pandemic

More than half of the country’s 100 largest low-wage employers rigged pay rules in 2020 to give CEOs 29 percent average raises while their frontline employees made 2 percent less.

Executive Excess 2021

Low-Wage Workers Lost Hours, Jobs, and Lives. Their Employers Bent the Rules — To Pump up CEO Paychecks.

House Dems Push Postal Banking Pilots as an Alternative to Predatory Firms

Thirty-three members have asked for federal budget funding to test out expanded postal financial services in 10 rural and urban communities.

Bill, Melinda, and the Burden of Grand Fortune

We can’t buy happiness, but greater equality could make it more likely.

Pan American Silver Pressured to Shut Down Community Interference in Guatemala

Indigenous leaders in Guatemala and their allies take a stand against corporate greed in their community.

Care Advocates Celebrate Big Wins in American Families Plan

Their mantra? Celebrate today. Organize tomorrow.

President Biden’s Tax-the-Rich Plan: Just How Bold?

A little history can help us with the answer.

The Billionaires Who Couldn’t Kick Straight

America’s super rich and their European pals have failed spectacularly in a scheme to kill global football’s most egalitarian traditions.