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IPS is a progressive think tank dedicated to building a more equitable, ecologically sustainable, and peaceful society. In partnership with dynamic social movements, we turn transformative policy ideas into action.

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We're a progressive think tank dedicated to building a more equitable, ecologically sustainable, and peaceful society.

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indigenous people at a protest

Indigenous Peoples Day and the Years of Repair

This Indigenous Peoples Day, the Indigenous-led organization NDN Collective launched the 'LANDBACK' campaign.
Wisconsin family farmer Hans Breitenmoser

Farmers and Meatpackers Are Teaming Up

During the pandemic and recession, farmers are realizing they have more in common with immigrant meatpackers than agribusiness CEOs
democracy - vote cast by dropping a ballot into a ballotbox

America’s New Policy of Demoting Democracy

Trump has put a stop to democracy promotion. Will democracy put a stop to Trump?
wealth inequality-picture shows a briefcase full of one hundred dollar bills

Wealth Inequality in America: Far Beyond Extreme

The maldistribution of America's income and wealth has reached levels that our conventional economic stats have trouble revealing.
president donald trump speaks to a crowd of press people

Trump Looks Out For Himself While Americans Struggle

As American lives hang in the balance, Trump enjoys $100,000 worth of cutting edge treatment for his COVID-19 infection.
billionaire bonanza cover 1280x720

U.S. Billionaire Wealth Is Up $850 Billion Since March 18th

U.S. billionaire wealth has climbed 28 percent since March 18th, 2020. During the same span, global billionaire wealth is up $1.5 trillion.
trump and mitch mcconnell at the white house

This Is a Recession. Republicans Need to Stop Blocking Relief.

Prioritizing evidence-based virus safety measures means more than wearing masks and practicing social distancing. It means passing a robust relief package.
trump returns to the white house

This Is an Emergency: Americans Need Relief, and Trump Is Standing in the Way

The president just benefited from lifesaving, taxpayer-funded measures. He has no business blocking Americans from getting the same.

Reports and Resources

  • America’s Wars on Democracy in Rwanda and DR Congo

    October 23 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm at Online Zoom Event

    For Breaking the Silence Congo Week, IPS joins Friends of the Congo to host Justin Podur for an in depth discussion on the US role in dismantling democracy in the Great Lakes Region of Africa with a focus on Professor Podur's recent book.

  • Climate + State Violence: US Militarism

    October 29 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm at Online Zoom Event

    A conversation on the bloated military budget, the US war machine, and how it impedes us from working towards climate justice.

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