Robin Broad is a professor of international development at American University and co-author of Development Redefined: How the Market Met Its Match.


OceanaGold’s record shows why it shouldn’t be allowed to expand here

Oceanagold is trying to dig deeper into the heart of legally-designated “conservation land” to mine gold.

BOOK: The Water Defenders

How ordinary people saved a country from corporate greed.

Water Defenders Versus Big Gold

Water defenders in El Salvador are offering hopeful development priorities, policies, and trajectories for the future. They aren’t alone.

Water Is Life. Can We Protect It?

Americans will have to fight hard to protect their water from corporate greed. They can learn a lot from El Salvador.

Time For Duterte to Shut Down This Mining Company

OceanaGold has not adhered to its commitments under its mining permit and various Philippine laws and regulations.

Report: OceanaGold in the Philippines

Ten Violations that Should Prompt Its Removal

Can Victory Over Irresponsible Mining in Central America Spur a Win in the Philippines?

OceanaGold was stunningly defeated in El Salvador last March. Can it be defeated in the Philippines by 2019?

Historic Wins for Democracy and Rights in El Salvador

There have been two giant wins for democracy, human rights, and the environment in an unlikely spot: the small, embattled nation of El Salvador. What lessons can be learned, and can nations and activists build on these two victories?

How An International Grassroots Campaign Beat Metal Mining Corporations

Against overwhelming odds, El Salvador won its long battle for water.

A Wake-Up Call For Trump’s Trade Agenda

The investor-state provisions in NAFTA don’t help workers. Instead, they hand enormous power to corporations to bully governments into undoing measures to protect workers, the environment, and public health.

Victory for El Salvador Serves as Encouragement for TPP Fight

In a tale of people power over corporate power, a tribunal has ruled against a global company in a case over mining rights.

El Salvador Ruling Offers a Reminder of Why the TPP Must Be Defeated

 Obama is waging a full-court press to pass the unpopular trade treaty after the November elections.

Who Killed Berta Cáceres and What Should the U.S. Do?

A culture of impunity, misguided U.S. policy that has pursued expediency above principle, and an unwillingness of Honduras’ political elites to reform their institutions of justice and governance are all to blame.

Why Some Leaders in Poorer Countries are Championing the Environment

Under what conditions do governments of poorer countries become active defenders and protectors of the environment?

Tom Harkin and This Year’s Nobel Peace Prize

Together and individually, Kailash Satyarthi and Senator Tom Harkin — from opposite ends of the earth — have helped immeasurably to combat the worst forms of child labor.

Meet the Company Suing El Salvador for the Right to Poison Its Water

In an obscure World Bank court, a multinational mining firm is suing El Salvador for attempting to protect its citizens from deadly mining pollution.

Debunking Eight Falsehoods by Pacific Rim Mining / OceanaGold in El Salvador

A new study debunks eight falsehoods the mining corporation OceanaGold has used to try to justify mining in El Salvador and undermine public debate and policymaking.

New Study Debunks Mining Company “Falsehoods” Regarding El Salvador

A new study debunks eight falsehoods the mining corporation OceanaGold has used to try to justify mining in El Salvador and undermine public debate and policymaking.

The Global Fight Against Corporate Rule

Activists are challenging rules that grant corporations the right to sue governments.

Six of the Top Ten U.S. Billionaires Are Kochs and Waltons

The profits of corporate giants that crash our economy and corrupt our politics deserve your outrage. But the efforts to curb them need your creative energy.

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