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Latest Work

El Salvador Votes for Water over Gold

After a 12-year struggle, Salvadoran lawmakers voted to ban mining for metals.

The History of Taxes, in One Mega-Rich Family

The Rockefellers saw their wealth slimmed down by taxes—but it grew back.

Americans Want To Know What Their CEO Makes

The SEC chairman invited America to dump on government regulation. America declined.

‘Deaths of Despair’ Rising for White Working Class

A new study points to rising hopelessness as a major driver of the declining health and life expectancy of working class white Americans.

Seattle Takes on the Trump Budget

Trump’s budget would make Seattle’s housing crisis worse—so a new campaign is looking to make the city “Trump-proof”.

More Americans Are Drowning Financially in Underwater Nation

20% of Americans have zero or negative net worth—and that number is growing.

A Labor Trafficking Survivor Speaks Out

A new report helps quantify the abusive patterns experienced by survivors of human trafficking by following the stories of over 100 domestic workers.

Immigrants Pay More Than Their Fair Share

A new study shows that undocumented immigrants pay $11.7 billion in state and local taxes alone.

The White House Budget Proposal Doesn’t Add Up

The president’s budget won’t balance federal spending one bit, but it’ll move a lot of money up to the rich.

Drug Industry CEOs Are Profiting off Our Opioid Epidemic

A labor leader whose son was a victim of the opioid epidemic has inspired a campaign to crack down on these pain profiteers.

Blame the Baby Boomers

The often praised and all-too-powerful generation is taken to task in this searing critique of the contributions Baby Boomers have made.

The Best Education Our Money Can Buy

Taxpayers are subsidizing the private universities that service America’s rich.

What Explains the Racial Wealth Gap?

A new study shows the legacy of racism far outweighs individual financial decisions in driving the growing gap between black and white families.

Wall Street Hopes You’ve Forgotten the Crash Already

The most pro-Wall Street White House we’ve ever seen is betting you’ve forgotten the 2008 crash.

‘Only the Little People’ Face the Law

The White House wants crackdowns on poor people who break federal laws on immigration. Why not a crackdown on the rich who scoff at tax laws?

Right-Wingers Want Us to Accept Inequality and Move On

They say the fight for a more equitable society isn’t worth the trouble.

Wall Street Is Occupying the Executive Branch

Trump’s executive order rolling back financial regulations could “seed the next economic meltdown,” IPS economic inequality expert Chuck Collins told KCRW.

This Trump Appointee Says He’s Standing Up for ‘Bullied’ CEOs

Fortune 500 chiefs make twice as much in a month as U.S. workers make in a decade. But any move to require corporations to document that disparity would be shameful, a new Trump appointee argues.

Enlisting Millennials for the Resistance

The new project Resist365 is taking aim at the inequality-expanding agenda of the new Trump administration — and inspiring a new generation of progressive leadership.

‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Reminds Us Just How Little Racial Progress We’ve Made

The racial wealth divide today has not decreased since James Baldwin died in 1987.