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2020 Candidates on Poverty, Climate, and Military Spending

When we launched our Moral Budget with the Poor People’s Campaign, we asked nine 2020 presidential candidates if they had the political will to put those resources to work for the public. Here are their answers.

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Sanctuary Cities Toolkit

This toolkit is a first step in understanding the implications of U.S. wars and militarism abroad and underscore the role of state violence in creating insecure communities in countries around the world. Our challenge now is to strengthen our movement and expand our conversations on protecting refugees and immigrants as well as other vulnerable communities.

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Tax Day Resources

Want to know what your taxes pay for? These resources include a breakdown of where the federal government spends your tax dollars, a tool that let’s you calculate your own tax receipt or see an average for your state, a tool that let’s you make up your own federal spending choices, some surprising tax day facts, and more.

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Poor People's Campaign State Factsheets

The Institute for Policy Studies is the research arm of The Poor People's Campaign. In service of this campaign, these factsheets go state by state to counter numerous myths about poverty in our society.

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What Did Ilhan Omar Say?

Several members of Congress have weighed in on comments made by Representative Ilhan Omar. The problem is, in their outrage, they were misrepresenting what she said. We've got the transcript.

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