IPS associate fellow Janet Redman is the former director of the Climate Policy Program. For more than a decade, her work has supported the transition from an extractive, fossil fueled economy to equitable, democratic and local living economies. To that end, Janet uses research, writing and strategic conversations to develop bold ideas in domestic and international policy spaces that redefine what is politically possible. She also practices nurturing deep relationships with grassroots organizations and networks in the global South and North is necessary to align policy advocacy with the goals of social, economics and environmental justice movements. Janet is currently the U.S. Policy Director at Oil Change International and serves on the board of directors of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives.

Janet holds a Master’s Degree from Clark University in International Development and Social Change, where she focused her graduate research on regional trade integration and social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont.


The U.S. Must Honor the Commitments it Made in the Paris Agreement

As the Trump administration weighs its decision on the Paris Accord, our planet and our pockets remain at risk, Janet Redman tells the Real News Network.

Trump Puts the Fossil Fuel Industry’s Bottom Line Over the American People

Trump is trying to pit jobs against the climate, but we can have economic growth and protect the environment, Janet Redman tells the Real News Network.

As the White House Drops the Ball on Climate, Expect the States to Pick Up the Slack

The consequences of Trump’s proposed budget cuts to our environmental programs would be vast, but there’s a lot cities and states can do to fight back, IPS climate policy experts Basav Sen and Janet Redman tell the Marc Steiner Show.

While Trump Tries to Return to Coal, the Rest of the World Market is Turning To Renewables

Trump voters wanted an end to government corruption, but his list of energy advisers are all deeply embedded in the fossil fuel industry.

Both Candidates Are Bad on Climate, and You Can Thank Campaign Finance Rules For That

Building new pipelines and subsidizing fossil fuels with taxpayer dollars will not help us avoid climate disaster, Janet Redman tells the Real News.

Missing the Mark on Climate Justice

There’s an opportunity now to link racial, economic, and climate justice issues and galvanize a larger audience, Janet Redman told the Real News Network.

Ending Tax-Dodging by Utilities Could Prompt a Clean Energy Transition

A new IPS report found that there’s a huge amount of money lost in tax breaks that could help low-income families become energy efficient, Janet Redman tells the Real News Network.

Mike Pence Is a Loyal Friend to Polluters

In 2015 the Indiana governor told Obama in no uncertain terms that his state would not be complying with the Clean Power Plan.

New Report Shows Utility Tax-Dodging Worth Billions

As the D.C. District Court prepares to hear oral arguments on federal clean energy rules, electric utilities are pocketing money that could help America go green

Utilities Pay Up

How ending tax dodging by America’s electric utilities can help fund a job-creating, clean energy transition.

Democratic Party Platform: Lots of Hot Air on Climate Change

Janet Redman, who provided testimony at the DNC Platform Committee, and Wenonah Hauter, the executive director of Food & Water Watch, address the draft’s shortcomings on the carbon tax, TPP, fracking, and fossil fuel extraction

Watch: A Climate and National Security Platform that Puts People and Planet First

IPS’s Janet Redman testified at the DNC Platform Committee Hearing for a non-military response to the potentially catastrophic security risk posed by climate change.

Trump’s ‘Realty Check’ on Climate

The presumptive GOP nominee says climate change is a hoax, except when it threatens his luxury golf course.

Trump’s Climate Change Denial Is Already Complicating the Paris Climate Deal

If Donald Trump wins and pulls the U.S. out of its climate change commitments, some countries wonder, why should they keep their own?

Paris Agreement – Diplomatic Success, Planetary Disaster

IPS climate expert Janet Redman on why the Paris climate agreement is nothing to celebrate.

New Climate Action Plan, Same Old Results?

Last fall, IPS called the World Bank out on its failure to act on its own cleaner energy strategies. Will the institution put its money where its mouth is this time?

Al Jazeera Inside Story: The Court and Coal

IPS Climate Policy program Director Janet Redman talks about the consequences of the Supreme Court stay of the Clean Power Plan.

The U.S. Is Paying — Some — to Help Poorer Countries Adjust to Climate Change

Washington just made a $500 million down payment on climate resilience in the developing world. But the fund’s choice of financial partners is raising some eyebrows.

Climate Justice: A Fight between Rich and Poor

IPS Climate Policy director Janet Redman joins other leading climate scientists and activists to discuss the climate crisis.

Long-awaited U.S. Contribution to the Green Climate Fund Welcome – But Action Needed on Keeping Fund “Clean”

IPS Climate Policy Director Janet Redman comments on U.S.’s $3 billion pledge to the Green Climate Fund

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