New Mexico Fellowship

The New Mexico Fellowship is an 18-month, paid, public policy fellowship, with the first year housed at the Institute for Policy Studies in our Washington, DC office, and the final 6 months working with an organization in New Mexico. This fellowship program seeks to help mentor a new generation of progressive leaders in New Mexico.  In the past, this fellowship has recruited diverse candidates that are now serving New Mexico in multiple ways. Each of our former IPS New Mexico fellows is back working in New Mexico non-profits, practicing law, and shaking up legislation, and one is finishing his masters degree in public policy at Princeton and returning to New Mexico in May.

The New Mexico Fellowship provides the opportunity for college graduates and/or young scholar-activists residing in New Mexico to come to IPS to be trained in public scholarship, a term we define as the connection between grassroots activism and policy research. Through the fellowship, participants sharpen their knowledge of the progressive landscape and policy world, and develop their capacities to think, write, research, and make connections to social movements. After learning about the organizational structure and operations of a thriving non-profit in Washington, D.C., fellows will return to New Mexico for a six month paid placement in a local organization. The Fellow will work with our advisory board, which includes former Fellows, to find a placement in New Mexico that is a fit for their skills and interests.

Each fellow receives hands-on experience by working closely with 1-2 IPS projects under the individualized mentorship from our IPS public scholars.  We believe that each scholar-activist brings a unique skillset to the table. Accordingly, upon acceptance, we tailor the fellowship to participants’ personal interests by pairing them with IPS projects for 2 six-month segments where they will become an essential part of that project’s staff. Fellows also have the opportunity to learn effective fundraising and communication strategies by working with the development and communications teams in addition to their personalized projects.

Latest Work

New Mexico’s Case for Public Ownership of its Clean Energy Infrastructure

Any energy transition that doesn’t guarantee a pathway to public ownership perpetuates inequality and wealth extraction from New Mexicans .
Members of OFRANEH at Sheridan Circle, Washington, D.C. (Institute for Policy Studies | Flickr)

De pie con defensoras y defensores de territorio hondureños en Washington, D.C.

Este año, IPS honró a las defensoras y los defensores de territorio hondureños Afro-Indígenas, OFRANEH, con nuestro Premio Internacional LM de Derechos Humanos. Todavía estamos celebrando su resistencia.
Members of OFRANEH at Sheridan Circle, Washington, D.C. (Institute for Policy Studies | Flickr)

Standing With Honduran Land Defenders in Washington, D.C.

This year, IPS honored the Afro-Indigenous Honduran land defenders OFRANEH with our International LM Human Rights Award. We're still celebrating their resiliency.
Climate Activists Continue Protests Outside White House

To Tackle Climate Change, Hold Fossil Fuel Conglomerates Accountable

Movements are using this once-in-a-lifetime political moment to mobilize communities against climate change and corporate greed.
Migrant families with children at a temporary processing faclility in Donna, Texas

There Is No "Border Crisis"

Discussing the border in nativist terms obscures the real crises that propel migrants to seek asylum in the United States.
public transit rail train in santa fe new mexico

We All Need Transit — Whether We Ride It or Not

Without public transit, I couldn’t have gotten my degree. And all of us need it to keep our planet livable.
wind turbines to depict renewable energy and public ownership of utilities

Cleaner Energy is Coming. The Public Needs to Own It.

A future where the people that consume energy are the primary owners and decision-makers of that energy infrastructure is possible.
Large photovoltaic system at the UNM-Taos Klauer Campus, NM

New Mexico Is Leading the Country on Climate Action, but Not Climate Justice

New Mexico must decarbonize its economy while giving back power and wealth to ordinary New Mexicans.

Dismantle the Deportation Machine

Those who make it to the United States will face wretched conditions living in the shadows, even as they form the backbone of the U.S. economy.
ICE and CBP - President Donald Trump, along with Acting Secretary Chad Wolf and Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan, visited the border wall in Yuma, Arizona on June 23, 2020

Need Money for a Green New Deal? Get It From ICE.

With the money we spend on ICE and CBP, we could solar power nearly 35 million homes.
daca protester holding a dreamers sign

The Victory of DACA Is a Reminder that Nothing Will Put Us Down

The passion organizers poured into DACA galvanized me and many others to keep organizing—and to aim for the collective liberation of all.
farm laborers working in th fields in California

Tiny Portugal Shows America the Right Way to Treat Essential Immigrants During the Coronavirus Crisis

Don’t ban the immigrants we need for essential jobs — welcome them with open arms and full rights.
Farm workers in Salinas California

Undocumented Workers Need a Bailout, Too

Beyond performing essential labor, we are humans — and, in a pandemic, that should be enough to deserve help.

We Need Health Care for All — Even the Undocumented

If we can learn one thing from the pandemic, it’s that the United States must provide high-quality health care for all — including undocumented immigrants.

If You Think Coronavirus Profiteering Is Bad, Wait Till the Climate Heats Up

From coronavirus testing to treating health impacts of climate change, universal healthcare and publicly owned production of medicine are key to adaptation.

How Cruelty at the Mexican Border Became an American Export

The southward expansion of US border enforcement has been happening for years. Now we're exporting Trump-era cruelty too.

The Centuries-Long History of Extractive Greed

Climate change is a symptom of a malevolent virus borne out of capitalism and colonialism. Indigenous liberation shows the path towards healing the planet.

For Undocumented Immigrants, Our Enforcement Policies Drive a Public Mental Health Crisis

Imagine running away from a lion all your life — that's how 11 million undocumented immigrants feel today, and it takes a toll on their mental health.

A 'Red Deal': Why Indigenous Communities Belong at the Center of Climate Action

Policies that aren't rooted in Indigenous communities can cause many of the same oppressive outcomes as extraction.

How Fossil Fuels Pollute STEM Education

Polluters lost the fight on climate science, so they're spending money on something else: false solutions.

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