Alliyah is the Outreach Coordinator for the National Priorities Project, serving as project manager for growing collaborations with immigrant rights organizations and movements against climate change. Largely molded by her own diaspora, Alliyah is a first-generation environmental storyteller who has roots in the Philippines and calls Chicago, IL her home. Alliyah is also a home-builder and lifelong pursuer of justice. She cares deeply about environmental, social and immigrant rights, believing that everyone, particularly Black and Brown folks, has the right to a happy and healthy home.

Prior to joining NPP, Alliyah was a Roger Arliner Young (RAY) Fellow at Ocean Conservancy working on policy, advocacy and storytelling with the Fish Conservation program, where she developed and hosted the organization’s first ever podcast and researched stakeholder perceptions of climate change on fisheries. Alliyah graduated from Swarthmore College as a QuestBridge National Match Scholar with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and double minor in Biology and Gender & Sexuality studies. Alliyah is an alum of the Rethink Outside Fellowship, the Rising Organizers Fellowship based in the DC area, and the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program (DDCSP) from the University of Michigan.


On Veterans Day, Let’s Care for Veterans and Our Communities

Can we envision more dignified programs for veterans, and use this model to treat other communities with the same ideal of care?

FACT SHEET: Invest in Communities, Not Violence

Here’s how legislators have splurged on militarism, and what could happen if those funds instead benefited people and communities.

House GOP Wants to Pair Israel Military Aid With IRS Cuts That Help Rich Tax Cheats

“House Republicans are using aid for Israel as a political pawn in order to slash taxes for their wealthy donors,” said Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden.

A Series of Ups and Downs for Immigrants in the U.S.

We must shift the scale away from subsidized violence and towards sustaining the protection and enrichment of immigrant communities.

Common Dreams highlights the National Priorities Project’s Call for a Ceasefire in Gaza

The U.S. should use diplomatic channels to work for an immediate ceasefire, and shout not provide more weapons and military aid to Israel.

The Biden Asylum Ban Swings Back and Forth in Judicial Courts

For now, the asylum ban is still here, and every day that it is in effect is a day that thousands of asylum seekers are turned away from the border on top of the 2.7 million denials justified under Title 42

A Peek into the Poor People’s Campaign Moral Poverty Action Congress

If there’s one thing the Poor People’s Campaign knows how to do, it is: energizing a room full of people with hearty music and mesmerizing messages. The Poor People’s Campaign […]

To Clear the Air, Cut Military Spending

Most of us understand the need to cut carbon emissions. But a huge share of our tax dollars are funding the most carbon-intensive institution on the planet.

REPORT: The Warfare State: How Funding for Militarism Compromises Our Welfare

Nearly two-thirds of the federal discretionary budget goes to militarized federal programs, leaving just over a third for our communities — a sliver some lawmakers want to cut even further.

Title 42 Is Ending. Biden Shouldn’t Continue It By Other Means.

The administration has alarmingly called for “surging resources” to turn back immigrants from the border and from inside the U.S.

Climate and Militarism Converges at Power Shift 2023

I co-lead a session at Power Shift 2023, during which we strategized how to untangle the links between militarism and the climate crisis.

Tax Day 2023: Where Your 2022 Tax Dollars Went

IPS’s National Priorities Project takes a look at where American taxpayers’ money went in 2022, and how skewed our national priorities are.

Immigration Policy Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

For 20 years, the Department of Homeland Security has made life a nightmare for millions — but Dreamers like me have seen that there’s another way.

Senators Failed to Add Anti-Immigrant Border Policy to Budget Deal

Yesterday, two anti-immigrant amendments that would have extended the legacy of the draconian Trump-era immigration policy, Title 42, each took the Senate floor for a vote. Both failed. Title 42 […]