New Internationalism

The New Internationalism project works to end wars and militarism, with a focus on U.S. policy.

“New internationalism” refers to a combination of foreign policies based on international law, human rights, and equality for all. Our approach links the power of global social movements — and sometimes progressive governments and the UN — in fighting against wars, sanctions, occupations, and empire.

The project focuses on education, activism, and advocacy to change U.S. policies away from militarism and towards diplomacy. It also works to democratize and empower the United Nations in its fight for peace and human rights. In all these arenas, the project works with partner organizations who are organizing, mobilizing, and building movements in the U.S. and globally to challenge militarism and support those fighting for justice in the Middle East and beyond.

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Latest Work and Interviews

A man holding Stop Asian Hate sign

Beware the Anti-China Sentiment Pushing Us Towards Another Cold War

If the United States can’t learn to cooperate with China, our future will be one of constant escalation of wars and threats of wars and all that comes with them

Cluster Bombs Are as Outdated as War

The White House’s decision to transfer the bombs to Ukraine both escalates the already horrific war and legitimizes a weapon that has no place in our world.

Biden’s ‘Concerns’ About Israel Don’t Match Voters’ Concerns about injustice

Despite the Biden administration expressing concern about extremist activities of the Netanyahu cabinet, the Pentagon is focusing on Israel's military capacity amid the protests.

Sanctions Are An Act Of War

Economic sanctions which claim to target authoritarian governments and wealthy profiteers of global conflicts only hurt innocent civilian populations.
Image of Kurdish people holding up their flag at the Kurdish New Year celebration.

In Bid to Join NATO, Sweden and Finland Back Turkish Repression of Kurds

NATO’s July summit betrayed the Kurdish people. The left must stand with both Ukraine and the Kurds — and against NATO.

On Israel and Palestine, US Electeds Are Out of Touch With Their Own Voters

It’s showing up in public opinion, media coverage, and even political and policy discourse.

On Israel and Palestine, US Electeds Are Out of Touch With Their Own Voters

It’s showing up in public opinion, media coverage, and even political and policy discourse.
Phyllis Bennis smiles from her home office as she speaks with the Discern This podcast.

Phyllis Bennis on the Poor People's Campaign and "This Extraordinary Opportunity"

IPS expert Phyllis Bennis explains how she got connected with the Poor People's Campaign and how IPS's work fits in.

‘I Don’t Mind the Work’: An IPS Tribute to Harry Belafonte

IPS experts remember their time with the legendary activist, entertainer, and IPS board member.
Sebastian Munoz, Mito Pereira, Joaquin Niemann,and David Puig of Torgue GCcelebrate winning the team event at the LIV Golf Invitational - Orlando at The Orange County National on April 02, 2023 in Orlando, Florida.

Saudi Arabia's LIV Golf League Is 'Sportswashing' At Its Worst

Saudi Arabia — in the news for cutting oil production and pushing up the price of gas — is also making headlines for perhaps a more unusual reason: golf.

Russian War Crimes in Ukraine 20 Years After US Criminal Invasion of Iraq

How can there be real accountability for war crimes when international law is replaced by an undefined "rules-based order"?
An armed U.S. contractor stands in the doorway of a ruined church in Mosul, Iraq (Shutterstock)

IPS Looks Back on 20 Years of Endless War and Border Militarization

We didn’t stop the Iraq War, but we changed history. Here’s a look at the legacy of the last two decades — and the brighter future that can follow.

Biden Is Following Trump's Lead on Israel-Palestine

The US president’s promise to put human rights first doesn’t seem to apply to Israel.

We Need to Broaden Our Conversation About Guns

Looking at gun manufacturing rather than just gun ownership can help break down our status quo red-blue divide.

We Shouldn’t Need an Earthquake to Know Sanctions Don’t Work

Sanctions are an instrument of war, not an alternative to it.

We Need to Cut the Military Budget, But Don't Trust the Far Right to Do It

There’s an urgent need to stop funding wars and human rights abuses abroad and to free up funding for human needs at home. The Freedom Caucus can’t be counted on for either.
Image of Ukrainian mother embracing her child and kissing their forehead.

It's Time for a Ceasefire in Ukraine

A ceasefire in Ukraine has been needed since day one—and it’s more urgent now than ever.
Screenshot of Phyllis Bennis, a white woman with gray hair and a black shirt, speaking on camera, with the democracy now logo and a chyron spelling out her name and IPS affiliation.

Phyllis Bennis on Democracy Now on Ukraine

Phyllis Bennis, Director of the New Internationalism Project at IPS, spoke on Democracy Now! on October 27, 2022 about the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the human cost of the war, […]
Photo of two white women on separate screens, Katie Halper and Phyllis Bennis, in conversation, with chyrons identifying Phyllis and the Katie Halper Show.

Phyllis Bennis on Katie Halper Show on Ukraine

Phyllis Bennis, Director of the New Internationalism Project at IPS, spoke on the Katie Halper Show about the ongoing situation in Ukraine and what it means to urge diplomacy in […]

Further Comment: It’s Time for Diplomacy

The United States doesn’t have much to say about Ukraine, because it claims Russia is unwilling to talk. It's up to our movements to demand more.

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