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The New Internationalism project focuses on Middle East and United Nations issues.”New internationalism” refers to the combination of foreign policies based on international law, human rights and equality for all, linked with the power of global social movements​ and [sometimes] progressive governments and the UN, in fighting against wars, occupations and empire. In the Middle East, the project is working to end U.S. wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and beyond, and ending U.S. support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The project focuses on education, activism and advocacy to change U.S. policies away from militarism and towards the goals of human rights, equality for all, and peace with justice – a policy that chooses diplomacy over war. The project also works to challenge U.S. domination of the United Nations, and to help democratize and empower the global organization in its fight for peace and human rights. In all these arenas, the the projects works with partner organizations who are organizing, mobilizing and building movements in the U.S. and globally, to challenge U.S. power and to support those fighting for justice in the Middle East.

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The Discourse on Palestine Is Shifting. Will Concrete Policy Changes Follow?

The conversation is still overwhelmingly one-sided. But that’s slowly changing thanks to the hard work of activists.

If Kavanaugh Is Confirmed, We Need to Mobilize Like Never Before

His record indicates that he would stonewall movements against poverty, militarism, and racism for a generation.

Phyllis Bennis on What We Can Expect From Trump-led Security Council Meeting

Phyllis Bennis discusses the Trump-led UN Security Council meeting, the impact advisors Pompeo and Bolton are having on U.S. Foreign Policy, and conflict in Palestine. 

Trump’s ‘Dissociation from Reality’ at UN

When addressing the UN General Assembly, president Trump painted Saudi Arabia and the UAE as "good neighbors" trying to help end a destructive civil war in Yemen. And that wasn't even the biggest lie in his speech.

Remembering Kofi Annan

He consistently expressed a powerful concern for poverty and human rights—but he often succumbed to US power and domination.

A Bold Foreign Policy Platform for the New Wave of Left Lawmakers

Socialists and other progressives are running for office on strong domestic programs. Here’s how their foreign policy platform can be just as strong.

Leaked Jared Kushner Email Says UNRWA “Is Inefficient and Doesn’t Help Peace”

By cutting funding to UNRWA, Is the U.S. sending a message to Palestinian refugees about their right to return home?

Israel's Jewish State Law and the Trump-Putin Summit

Israel faces backlash for essentially legalizing apartheid.

The Trump-Putin Summit Could Have Huge Implications on Syria

A solution that sees the U.S. and Russia brokering a deal while leaving Syrians out of discussions is not a viable, long-term solution. So, what is?

Trump’s Massive Funding Cut Plunges UN Palestinian Refugee Agency Into Crisis

UNRWA isn’t just providing food aid, medical care, and education to Palestinians across the Middle East. For many Palestinian refugees, it can be the difference between life and death.

Trump Pursues ‘Peace Plan’ to Break off Gaza, Without Input from Palestinians

Leaked details from the plan reveal that Palestinian voices don’t matter.

The Best Way to Honor Our Vets and Protect Americans? End the Wars

Soldiers, civilians, and the 140 million Americans who are poor or low-income pay the price for our never-ending wars.

Palestinians Are Forcing the World to See Their Humanity

The Gaza massacre is a war crime. And the United States is complicit alongside Israel.
Trump-tax plan-Republicans

Phyllis Bennis on KPFA discussing Trump


Phyllis Bennis on Debating John Bolton and Listening to Syrian Voices


Phyllis Bennis' Interview on Syria, Gaza, and John Bolton


American Air Strikes in Syria Do Nothing to Further Justice for the Victims of the Attack on Douma

There is no legal justification for the current US troop presence in Syria, let alone additional air strikes.

John Bolton's Terrifying First Day in the Trump White House

Trump's threat to escalate military intervention could open a new, dangerous front in the ongoing conflict in Syria.

For Palestinians, Social Movements Are the Only Recourse Left

Following Israel's killing of 18 unarmed "Land Day" protesters, it appears most national governments have effectively abandoned the stateless Palestinians.

What to Expect from Pro-Israel Hardliner John Bolton

As U.S. ambassador to the UN, Trump's new national security adviser went way outside his authority to back Israeli aggression in the Middle East.

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What Netanyahu's Growing Corruption Scandal Means for the Region

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Donald Trump: Jerusalem is Off Negotiating Table

Al Jazeera | February 12, 2018

UN Defies Trump Threats on Jerusalem Vote

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