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Latest Work

Manchester, England, UK to illustrate location of new Greater Manchester Independent Inequalities Commission

A Manchester Boldly United for a More Equal Metropolis

A major UK urban center takes on the most ambitious of goals: a fairer future for all.
domestic care workers

Biden’s Plan Invests in Quality Home Care, Not Dangerous For-Profit Nursing Homes

New research reveals nursing homes owned by private equity investors have higher death rates.
wall street bull statue to depict - If the Minimum Wage Had Increased as Much as Wall Street Bonuses Since 1985, It Would Be Worth $44 Today

If the Minimum Wage Had Increased as Much as Wall Street Bonuses Since 1985, It Would Be Worth $44 Today

The 2020 bonus pool for 182,100 securities industry employees could pay for more than 1 million jobs at a $15 minimum wage for a year.
tax form to depict STEP Act- The Critical First Blow to Millionaire Income Tax Avoidance

STEP Act: The Critical First Blow to Millionaire Income Tax Avoidance

New legislation would put an end to an income tax windfall for millionaires and their descendants.
silhouette of wealth person to depict - Wealthy Tax Cheat and tax evasion

Hey, Wealthy Tax Cheat, Hearing Any Footsteps Yet?

Our biggest tax evaders have been living high on the hog. They may soon have cause to worry.
covid-19 vaccine - economic inequality

As Rich Nations Protect Corporate Patents, the Global Vaccine Divide is Widening

People in high-income countries represent 16 percent of the world’s population, but have received 56 percent of COVID-19 vaccine doses.
domestic worker - care worker - gender - women

The Fight for Equal Pay Must Include Domestic Workers

Gender inequality in the workplace rests upon how we value, or fail to value, care workers.
billionaire charity - hands putting money in a jar

For Every Buck a Billionaire Gives to Charity, You Chip in Up to 74 Cents

The wealthier the donor, the bigger the taxpayer subsidy.
philanthropy and charitable giving - charity - private foundations

Foundation Payout Mandate Would Raise $8.7 Billion in Revenue Over 3 Years

The mandate would also have both a positive fiscal impact and give a $200 billion boost to active charities.
bernie sanders and the tax excessive ceo pay act

A Senator Against CEOs Making Over 50 Times What Workers Make Now Has a Gavel

And that senator is using his gavel to boost a bill that ups taxes on firms that pay executives outrageously more than their workers.
ceo pay - executive standing at a table in a corporate office

How the CEO-Worker Pay Gap Deepens Income and Wealth Inequality

While working families are suffering under the pandemic, corporate boards have bent the rules to protect massive CEO paychecks.
Randall Stephenson - walmart - at&t

Did America’s Greediest Corporation Just Become Greedier?

Recently added to the Walmart governing board: still another expert in enriching top execs at worker and taxpayer expense.
house made of money to depict wealth concentration and the role taxes and taxation plays in concentrated wealth

The Simple Rules of Wealth Inequality

The rich won't be paying their fair share of taxes as long as our tax system speeds wealth's concentration.
construction workers - Biden’s Relief Package Is a Huge Victory for Workers

Biden’s Relief Package Is a Huge Victory for Workers

It’s one of the largest antipoverty programs ever passed — and will save worker pensions throughout the country.
Demonstrators rally in Union Square Park in support of Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama who are seeking to form a union.

Why the Amazon Worker Vote in Bessemer Means So Much

Unions don't just raise worker wages. They help flatten grand private plutocratic fortunes.
woman wearing a mask to protect against covid-19 looks out window thinking about paid sick leave and paid family leave

Paid Sick and Family Leave Can't Wait

For workers like my mom, the financial strain caused by a lack of paid leave can be just as stressful as catching COVID-19.
racial wealth gap

Financial Reserves and the Racial Wealth Gap

Black and Latinx households have less to fall back on when the times get tough.
property taxes - tax - taxation - tax - person filing taxes

Average Americans Pay Tax on Over Half Their Wealth. Shouldn’t Rich Americans?

Our current national confusion over wealth taxes serves only the wealthy.
amazon warehouse workers

Danny Glover: Why I’m in Alabama with Amazon Workers

The Hollywood actor is mobilizing support for warehouse workers who are making their mark on the long history of southern organizing.
gender pay gap - womens rights - gender inequality

Nomadland: The Impact of Gender-Bias in Wages

If you grew up agitated that “women earn 59 cents on the dollar,” for the same work as men, there’s a movie for you.

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