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Latest Work

How to Get Rid of the Super-Rich

By leveraging the power of the public purse against corporations that pay their top execs outrageously more than their workers, we could help jump-start a democratic “New Economy.”

While the World's Billionaire's Evade Taxes and Swing Clubs, the Poor Pick Up the Slack

From Hong Kong to Los Angeles, people of ordinary means are squeezing into expensive housing and subsidizing country clubs for the golfing super rich.

Teen Voices in the Fight to Raise the Minimum Wage in Massachusetts

I Have A Future is a local organization mobilizing youth organizers in Massachusetts to advocate for themselves in the fight to raise the state's minimum wage.

The Racial Wealth Gap is the Result of Systemic Racist Policies

The lasting impact of slavery, red-lining, and mass incarceration, and how they contribute to today's massive racial wealth gap.

Sick of Shady Banks? Get a Loan from the Post Office!

Payday lenders extort poor and rural Americans. One solution? Your friendly neighborhood post office.

Rep. Keith Ellison Takes a Hard Look at New CEO Pay Ratio Data

The Minnesota lawmaker has been a champion of efforts to defend the disclosure reform from Republican attack.

Is Trump’s Abandonment of the Iran Nuclear Deal a Prelude to War?

His advisers, as well as Israel and Saudi Arabia, will be pushing for one—which is why we have to act now to stop it.

Building a United Working Class in North Carolina

Down Home North Carolina is organizing a multiracial movement to restore power to the state's working people.

May Day Parade Stands Up Against Wage Theft

Activists demand accountability from Power Design, a subcontractor enabling the "race to the bottom" at construction sites around Washington, D.C.

How to Tax Luxury Housing to Fund Social Housing

Taxing high-end real estate transfers can help keep city living affordable for everyone.

Demonstrators Disrupt Wells Fargo Shareholder Meeting

An annual protest tradition continues as activists demand accountability from the scandal-ridden bank.

Arizona Teachers Show Link Between Tax Cuts and Underfunded Schools

The state's teachers go on strike, calling for a ban on tax cuts until education funding reaches national average.

The Black Hole of Concentrated Wealth is Sucking Up Talent

In everything from transportation to banking, people of modest means end up worse off when societies let wealth concentrate at our economic summit.

Health Over Wealth for the World's Richest — But What About the Rest of Us?

Big pharma brought in millions of dollars in profits through the overprescription of opioids. Is accountability for the 63,000 fatal overdoses they caused around the corner?

Tracking Corporate Responses to the Tax Scam

A new online tool provides data on whether specific corporations are sharing tax cut windfalls with employees or only rewarding executives and shareholders.

Poor People's Campaign Gears Up for Mother's Day Launch

A major new report makes the case for a "fusion movement" against systemic racism, poverty and inequality, miltarism and the war economy, and ecological devastation.

Teacher Strikes are About Far More than Fair Pay

A growing movement is connecting labor struggles with justice in the classroom and the community.

The Fake Frugality of the Fabulously Fortunate

Scratch a grand fortune, one common media trope likes to suggest, and you'll find a frugal lifestyle.

King's Dream Included Economic Equality, Too

The late leader didn't just criticize racial segregation. He called for an end to economic injustice.

White Amnesia and the Racial Wealth Divide

Chuck Collins speaks with Richard Rothstein about The Color of Law, his new book on the government's role in segregating the United States.

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