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Latest Work

worker with fork pallet truck stacker in warehouse loading panels

The Trump Tax Reform Helped the Billionaire Class — Not the Working Class

The Republican tax law boosted the fortunes of America's wealthiest while increasing insecurity for U.S. manufacturing workers.
Seattle, WA - March 10, 2020- Washington State's Mail in Ballots for Presidential Primary Elections Being Dropped off at Designated Collection Box

17 Ballot Initiatives to Reduce Inequality

On November 3, voters in many states and cities will weigh in on a variety of inequality-related proposals, from taxing the wealthy to increasing worker and tenant protections.
billionaire bonanza cover 1280x720

U.S. Billionaires Wealth Surges $931 Billion since Beginning of Pandemic

An unseemly juxtaposition: 220,000 dead and millions lose their health, wealth and livelihoods.
person calculating taxes - taxation - biden tax plan

The Biden Tax Plan: The More Progressives Look, the More Progressives Like

This package of serious tax-the-rich proposals will have no easy road through Congress.
wealth inequality-picture shows a briefcase full of one hundred dollar bills

Wealth Inequality in America: Far Beyond Extreme

The maldistribution of America's income and wealth has reached levels that our conventional economic stats have trouble revealing.
wealth inequality-millennials working in an office

Will Today’s Millennials Ever Live in a More Equal USA?

If current distributional trends continue, new Fed wealth data suggest, our future divides will be even wider.

Celebrating Somali Workers Standing Up to Amazon

The Minnesota-based Awood Center is receiving a prestigious human rights award for their support of immigrant warehouse workers fighting for their dignity and justice on the job.
single family homes in los angeles - affordable housing shortage

Vacant Housing

A new report addresses housing shortages and vacancies in Los Angeles.
ivanka and donald trump

Can You Imagine Ivanka Trump Consulting for a Pizza Parlor?

At tax time in a plutocratic America, anything goes for a family like the Trumps.
presidential debate wealth

Let’s Start Debating What Deeply Dooms Democracy: Concentrated Wealth

Why we need to shove inequality onto America's political center stage.
dwight eisenhower

Remembering Ike, Our Unexpected Egalitarian

Former president Dwight Eisenhower deserves his new memorial. We deserve the greater economic equality he worked to help achieve.
wealth tax billionaire forbes 400

Why Don’t People Call You a Genius? You Don’t Have a Billion Dollars.

The latest Forbes 400 can help us see why you don't need a great intellect to become insanely wealthy.
usps - man with a save the postal service sign at a rally

All the Latest on Trump’s War on Our Public Postal Service

The House passed legislation to defend the Postal Service. If the Senate doesn't do the same, Postmaster General DeJoy will continue dismantling it.
empty seats in an airplane - airline industry

How We Can Save Aviation Without Enriching Airline CEOs

We can funnel our virus aid tax dollars only to airlines that keep their pay gaps modest.
victory women of vision

Call the Victory Women

In a small city in northern New England, one local nonprofit mobilizes to meet the COVID-19 crisis in its New American community.
postal service worker driving a delivery truck

Are USPS Cuts Motivated by Voter Suppression or Privatization — or Both?

The Postmaster General's actions are advancing two of President Trump's goals: undermining confidence in vote by mail and laying a foundation for postal privatization.
map of united states made of billion dollars

Twelve US Billionaires Have a Combined $1 Trillion

A disturbing milestone in the concentration of US wealth.
oklahoma state football stadium

A Moment of Reckoning for Greed on the Gridiron

If college football programs at public universities can afford to pay their coaches millions of dollars a year, they can afford to do without our subsidies.
billionaire mcmansion gated house

The Basic Case for a Wealth Tax

America's 12 wealthiest now control $1 trillion of wealth. The only practical way to address this extreme wealth concentration: a tax on accumulated grand fortune.
doctors perform surgery

Risk and Reward Have Never Been More Out of Kilter in the US Healthcare System

Nurses are losing lives and jobs while health care executives rake in million after million.

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