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Latest Work

Black woman who's a postal worker stamping envelopes in front of her.

Defend the Postal Service, Defend Good Jobs for Black Workers

The U.S. Postal Service is a vital source of decent jobs for Black workers. Instead of cutting or privatizing services, this public agency should expand to meet 21st century needs.

Must Larceny Always Overpower Honesty?

In deeply unequal societies, the thieving always thrive.

Is Mining Money Behind the Arrest of Salvadoran Water Defenders?

The five detainees include leaders of the campaign that won the world’s first metals mining ban in 2017 -- a ban the cash-strapped government may be moving to overturn.
stacks of coin of varying heights on a table with an aminated graph behind it.

Oxfam Wants To More than Double the Tax Rate on Our Richest

That bold a hike, our U.S. history suggests, can actually happen.

Dynasty-Building Trusts: How the Getty and Walton Families Use Trusts To Dodge Taxes

The more we learn from courageous whistleblowers like Marlena Sonn, the more outrage and pressure will build to reform trust law and eliminate the games that the Waltons and the Gettys are playing.
Profile view of yellow toy truck with flat bed carrying three wooden blocks that have "D" "A" "F" printed on them.

Donor-Advised Fund Numbers Still Obscure Who’s Giving and How Much

Publishers of donor-advised fund data are including hundreds of thousands of workplace giving accounts in their averages. That skews the picture.
Close up shot of Brazilian president Lula da Silva, who's wearing a white shirt, a tie, and a dark suit.

For Lula, Fighting Against Fascism and For Economic Justice is Nothing New

Having fought for labor rights under a dictatorship, the Brazilian president once again faces a violent far-right movement bent on blocking his pro-worker, pro-democracy agenda.
Hundreds of rolling luggage carriers filling an airline terminal, with a line of people in the background.

Inside Southwest’s Horrific Holidays

Blame the wealthy, not the weather.

Before COB on the First Workday of 2023, CEOs Will Make More Than the Average Annual Pay for All US Workers

Before happy hour, the typical CEO will have pocketed more than home health aides, firefighters, pre-K teachers, and other workers will make the whole year.

A Big Year for the Charity Reform Movement

Our 2022 findings, publications, conversations, and political prospects made it clearer than ever that we need meaningful charity reform – and that a strong majority agrees.

The Top 10 Inequality Victories of 2022

Champions of a more egalitarian society made important strides, building the power of workers while reducing the power of wealthy tax dodgers and greedy pharma execs.
crystal globe resting on moss in a forest with sunlight shining light shining down.

Can We Talk Sensibly about Inequality and Ignore the Rich?

Not if we want to see a safe, decent, and sustainable future, say UN researchers
Colombian President Gustavo Petro speaking at a podium with his hand outstretched and a Colombian flag in the background.

How Colombia Will Tax the Wealthy

President Gustavo Petro’s government plans to raise $20 trillion Colombian pesos through a hyper-targeted tax on less than one percent of the country’s top earners. Other nations should take notice.
Member of the Domestic Workers Alliance wearing their yellow shirts, posing for a picture with fists raised in the hair. There is a sign in the background showing support of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

Notes on a Victory for D.C. Domestic Workers

Domestic workers, almost all of whom are women and mostly women of color, are explicitly left out by law in most places in the country. That changes now.
Shot of Dubai on sunny day with sand in the foreground and skyscrapers in the background.

An Invulnerable Financial Fortress on the Sand

Qatar has our world’s attention, but nearby — and deeply unequal — Dubai might be charting our future
amazon and starbucks union protesters

How Biden and Democrats Can Start Paying Back What They Owe Labor

If he can pressure Congress now into funding the fight against illegal union busting, he can take an important step toward repairing that damage.

Tax the Rich? We Did That Once

A little history might just inspire us to try that taxing again.

We should be skeptical of billionaires who pledge to share their wealth

Billionaires may claim huge tax deductions for moving money into foundations or donor-advised funds with little to no guarantee that money will ever make it to working charities.
Patient in hospital bed with an IV in hand and a green mask on.

Inequality Kills. But We Can Stop the Killing.

So argues a gripping new book from an activist physician who’s helped divine the keys to long and healthy life.
farm workers harvesting yellow peppers in California

Farm Workers Push for Congressional Action During Lame Duck Session

A delegation of farm workers lobbied Congress ahead of the holiday weekend to pass legislation that would provide a pathway to citizenship for thousands of workers who provide the food for our tables.

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