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Latest Work

Photo of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, a light skinned Hispanic man with grey hair and a black jacket and red tie, speaking with a raised hand in front of the UN flag, EU flag, and several other flags.

A Voice at the United Nations the World Needs to Hear

The UN’s secretary-general is speaking truth – about inequality — to our world’s leaders.
A hot sun shimmers over a smoggy city skyline.

Can't Beat the Heat? Blame Inequality

Why poor neighborhoods are often hotter than rich neighborhoods — and what to do about it.
Photo of King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort.

The First Billionaire To Become UK’s King

We expected Charles to get the crown. We didn’t expect him to make a billion-dollar fortune first.
Photo of Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia's founder, in a grey-green sweater, with light skin, grey receding hair and dark eyes.

Making Earth the Shareholder

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, a reluctant billionaire, puts company in trust devoted to address ecological crisis.
Light skinned hand holds up white game controller with black buttons in front of Activision Blizzard logo.

Not Playing Around: Video Game Testers Aim to Unionize

The unionization trend in the video game industry continues with workers at an Activision Blizzard King studio.
Photo of Rep. Jamie Raskin (white man in black suit and red tie) standing next to iron monument of General Sheridan on a horse, speaking at a memorial event in 2019 with an embassy in the background.

Rep. Jamie Raskin on Chile’s Proposed New, More Equitable and Democratic Constitution

The Maryland Democrat draws from his constitutional scholarship in analyzing the proposal that will be on the September 4 ballot in Chile.

Want More Teachers? Start Valuing Education

Too many lawmakers are happy to dole out subsidies for the rich and corporations while resisting pay increases for educators.
A smiling Black father and daughter put change into a piggy bank.

Biden’s Debt Cancellation Plan Is a Step Forward on the Racial Wealth Divide

Black students have had to take out larger loans and faced greater difficulty paying them back than other borrowers.
ceo pay and economic inequality

The Huge Pay Gaps at Low-Wage Federal Contractors

New federal contracting standards could incentivize corporations to narrow the economic divides that undermine employee morale and business effectiveness.

Dismantling the Lucky Sperm Club, One Baby Bond Program at a Time

Cities and states are experimenting with trust fund accounts to narrow the racial wealth divide.
People working in stock market exchange

Congress Takes Historic Step to Tax Stock Buybacks

This provision of the Inflation Reduction Act will discourage corporations from siphoning resources from worker wages and productive investments for share repurchases that inflate CEO pay.
Photo of Juan Soto in red and white baseball jersey and helmet, in motion with a baseball bat in his right hand.

Baseball Immortality Meets Ungodly Inequality

Superstar Juan Soto gets a new team. His fans get heartbreak. His owners get richer.
gustavo petro and francia marquez celebrating their victory in the colombian elections

A Proposed Wealth Tax on Colombia’s 4,700+ Richest Would Raise $1 Billion

An Institute for Policy Studies analysis of the progressive tax proposed by incoming Colombian President Gustavo Petro would impact a small percentage of the nation's wealthiest while raising millions to address widening inequality.
An extended Black family after arriving in Chicago from the rural South, circa 1920. (Shutterstock)

The Great Migration Failed to Bridge the Racial Wealth Divide. What’s Next?

Real and lasting economic opportunities for Black families will come only through a serious national reckoning on race.
billionaire mackenzie scott (bezos) charity and philanthropy

The Rise of the Monster DAFs

Rising like monsters from the deep, donor-advised funds (DAFs) have finally caught up with foundations as the wealthy donor’s charitable warehousing vehicle of choice — and are poised to eclipse them.
ceo climbing a money ladder

From the Wall Street Journal: A Deeply Flawed CEO Pay Analysis

The paper’s ‘corporate effectiveness’ lens mischaracterizes the views of management visionary Peter Drucker on pay equity and employee empowerment.
Members of Amazon Workers United, who won their union election in Staten Island, New York

It’s Time to Crack Down on Excessive CEO Pay

The pay gap between workers and CEOs at America’s largest low-wage employers is now 670 to 1. That’s obscene.
image of an etsy marketplace sign

Etsy Sellers Strike for a Fairer Marketplace

Artisans rely on Etsy to market their creations, but the platform’s profit-maximizing policies hurt more than they help. Here’s why the sellers went on strike.
janet yellen at the podium

Janet Yellen’s Noble Effort Comes to Naught

To end the tax games rich people play, we need more oomph than isolated officials can deliver.
Dustin Hoffman In 'The Graduate'

Does the Future Belong to People Who Profit Off Our ‘Excessive Wealth Disorder’?

A promising new national campaign is aiming to ‘TURN’ around a profoundly unequal USA.

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