Olivia Alperstein is the Deputy Communications Director at the Institute for Policy Studies. She works to advance bold policies and ideas and challenge unjust policies through strategic communications on issues impacting human health and survival. She believes that strategic messaging and compelling stories are critical to to persuade decision-makers and ordinary people to care and take action. For years, she has used her communications skills to fight the good fight, and she is honored to work and collaborate with amazing advocates and partners on issues from human rights to climate change. Her prior experience includes work in communications, development, legal organizations, political campaigns, and not-for-profit advocacy.


Criminalization of Race and Poverty Program at the Institute for Policy Studies Responds to the Debt Ceiling Deal

“It makes it harder for poor and low-income families to access food benefits they deserve, while making it easier for wealthy people to cheat on their taxes.”

Report: S&P 500 Executives Have Stashed Nearly $9 Billion in Special Tax-Deferred Compensation Plans Not Available to Ordinary Workers

At Walmart, Home Depot, and 20 other low-wage employers, executives have accumulated enough funds in these exclusive accounts to generate monthly retirement checks larger than their workers’ median annual pay.

High Flyers 2023: How Ultra-Rich Private Jet Travel Costs the Rest of Us and Burns Up Our Planet

New research from the Institute for Policy Studies and Patriotic Millionaires reveals 10 stunning facts about the high-flying private jet industry.

The Internship that Helped Shape My Career

It’s hard to overstate how the Next Leaders program impacted me – and others here at IPS and beyond who all got our start as interns or Fellows.

Wall Street Bonuses Decline But Still Dwarf Worker Pay Increases Since 2008 Crash

Since 2008, the average Wall Street bonus has climbed by more than 75 percent, compared to just a 54 percent increase in average earnings of all private sector workers and a 42 percent rise in manufacturing wages. If the minimum wage had increased as much as Wall Street bonuses since 1985, it would be worth $42.37 today.

Criminalization of Poverty Program at IPS’s Statement on President Biden’s Budget

“As an expression of values, its proposals to invest in families and workers, protect Social Security, and strengthen Medicare reflect the values of most of us.”

77 Global and National Human Rights and Environmental Groups in Six Countries Expose OceanaGold as an Irresponsible Mining Company and Oppose its Expansion

The groups stand together against the abusive practices of one of the world’s major global mining corporations, OceanaGold, and issue an urgent appeal to the governments of the Philippines, Aotearoa New Zealand, El Salvador, the United States, Canada, and Australia calling for them to halt, shut down, or support or uphold bans impacting OceanaGold mines in their respective countries.

251 Organizations from 29 countries call on Salvadoran government to drop the charges against leading Water Defenders arrested on January 11

Organizaciones internacionales piden al gobierno salvadoreño que retire los cargos contra Defensores del Agua detenidos el 11 de enero [TEXTO EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO]

New Institute for Policy Studies Report Exposes Stark Choice in New Mexico between Just Transition and False Solutions

The report features insights from New Mexican researchers and community leaders on how community-led energy solutions would benefit the state.

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Authors of Report on “Billionaire Enabler States” Available for Comment on The New Yorker Exposé on Allegations of Getty Family Trusts’ Tax Dodging

“Nevada has helped make it possible for super-wealthy families like the Gettys to dodge taxes owed to other states like California.”

Institute for Policy Studies calls on Salvadoran government to release from prison leading Water Defenders arrested on January 11

Hundreds of groups around the world worked with the Salvadoran Water Defenders in the successful campaign to save the country’s rivers from toxic gold mining. They join in demanding the release of the five Water Defenders and to allow them to await their trial in their community.     

Helping Students Sort Fact from Fiction

More schools need to teach kids how to recognize BS when they see it.

From the National Priorities Project at IPS: The Pentagon has failed yet another audit, and yet Congress is preparing to give them $847 billion

Other major government agencies have long since passed audits. But the Pentagon is so big and disjointed, no one knows where its money goes.

NEW REPORT: “Homecoming: The Greater Birmingham Community Speaks on Regional Cooperation and a More Inclusive Economy”

The Institute for Policy Studies and Alabama Arise’s professional study findings expose the critical issues that impact Greater Birmingham residents — and the solutions they want to see.

Inaction Costs City of Boston $20 Million+ in Funds for Affordable Housing

New analysis from the Institute for Policy Studies shows how much Boston’s failure to enact a luxury real estate tax has cost the city.

National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies Releases Fact Sheet: “No National Security without Climate Security”

New resource explains how over-investment in militarism and under-investment in climate solutions have contributed to the failure to mitigate climate change – and that ways that we can reinvest military spending to combat the worst existential threat to our communities.

Institute for Policy Studies will honor Amazon Labor Union and Movimiento por Nuestros Desaparecidos en México (Movement for Our Disappeared in Mexico)

The 46th Annual Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awards will be held virtually and in-person on October 13.

Join us at the 46th Annual Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awards

46th Annual Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awards will be held virtually and in-person on October 13.

Billionaire Enabler States: How U.S. States Captured by the Trust Industry Help the World’s Wealthy Hide Their Fortunes

A new report from the Institute for Policy Studies shows how 13 U.S. states shield billionaires – and what we can do about it.

Student Debt Relief Is a Big Deal

I borrowed modestly, worked on campus, and still had to skip meals to make loan payments — and I was one of the lucky ones.

Deputy Communications Director

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