Olivia Alperstein is the Deputy Communications Director at the Institute for Policy Studies. She works to advance bold policies and ideas and challenge unjust policies through strategic communications on issues impacting human health and survival. She believes that strategic messaging and compelling stories are critical to to persuade decision-makers and ordinary people to care and take action. For years, she has used her communications skills to fight the good fight, and she is honored to work and collaborate with amazing advocates and partners on issues from human rights to climate change. Her prior experience includes work in communications, development, legal organizations, political campaigns, and not-for-profit advocacy.


New Book Examines and Reimagines Warfare Economies

Miriam Pemberton, Institute for Policy Studies Associate Fellow, “Six Stops on the National Security Tour: Rethinking Warfare Economies”

New Report: Gilded Giving 2022

The Institute for Policy Studies’ new report, Gilded Giving 2022, shows the risks of increasingly concentrated philanthropic power.

New Ipsos Poll Shows Broad Majority of Americans Support Bold Charity Reform

Concerns about Warehousing Charity Dollars and Tax Subsidies for Wealthy Donors and Perpetual Foundations Transcend Partisan Divide

New Report: Pandemic Exposed Black Immigrant Domestic Workers to Exploitation, Wage Theft, Lack of Safety

IPS and NDWA’s latest report highlights the experiences of over 1,000 Black immigrant domestic workers in NYC, MA, and Miami and exposes continued exploitation, safety hazards, and insecurity during the pandemic.

June 17 marks anniversary of Nixon’s 1971 “War on Drugs” speech: IPS Drug Policy Director Sanho Tree available for comment, interviews

“The drug war has always been about the oppression and social control of people of color and minority groups.”

New Report: Bay State Billionaires Reap Wealth Gains of 46 Percent During Pandemic

“These dramatic wealth gains are unseemly in the face of the loss of over a million lives and millions of livelihoods.”

New Report: Executive Excess 2022

Two-thirds of low-wage corporations that cut worker pay in 2021 spent billions on stock buybacks.

Nothing Is More Personal Than the Right to Control Your Own Body

Roe doesn’t just protect abortion rights. It’s the keystone that keeps politicians out of the most intimate aspects of our lives.

New Research from the Institute for Policy Studies Shows How the Rich Use Donor-Advised Funds to Warehouse Charitable Wealth

DAFs have been used to transform philanthropy into a taxpayer-subsidized extension of private power and influence for the wealthy.

Media Availability: Wealth Inequality Expert Speaking at SXSW About How Russian Oligarchs Hide Their Wealth in U.S. Tax Havens

Thanks to tax havens and tax loopholes, Russian oligarchs and other multi-millionaires and billionaires have succeeded in hiding massive amounts of wealth in the U.S.

Nearly Two-Thirds of Jefferson County, Alabama Residents Support a Union at Amazon

A new survey commissioned by the Institute for Policy Studies shows the extent of local support for unionization efforts at Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse.

New Survey Shows Nearly Two-Thirds of Jefferson County, Alabama Residents Support a Union at Amazon

A new survey commissioned by the Institute for Policy Studies and conducted by New South Research shows the extent of local support for unionization efforts at Amazon’s Bessemer warehouse.

Banned Books Should Be Required Reading

The people who want to ban Maus or The 1619 Project are the ones who need to read them.

My Disabled Life Is Worthy

The loss of disabled and chronically ill lives due to COVID-19 is no less tragic or preventable.

Taxing the World’s Richest Would Raise $2.52 Trillion a Year

A new analysis by the Fight Inequality Alliance, Institute for Policy Studies, Oxfam, and Patriotic Millionaires found a shocking rise in global wealth among the world’s richest people despite deepening inequality during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Civic Policy Release a Groundbreaking New Report: “People-Powered: The Case for Renewable Energy Democracy in New Mexico”

“For far too long, we have been told to not dream big and to conform to the status quo. This report offers an example of a prosperous and just future for all New Mexicans if we dream big and change the system to work for us and not big energy corporations,” said lead author Josue De Luna Navarro.

“Only a fraction of the size of the investments needed to achieve social and economic equity,” but a historic victory for movements and impacted communities:

The Institute for Policy Studies’ Criminalization of Race and Poverty Project celebrates the historic anti-poverty provisions of the Build Back Better bill passed by the U.S. House while joining social movements in calling for fuller equity.

“Nebraskans Deserve a Livable Future”

Groundbreaking New Institute for Policy Studies Report Analyzes How a Just Transition to Wind Energy Could Power Nebraska

IPS Tax Policy Expert Bob Lord Available for Interviews on Phil Knight, Billionaire Tax Avoidance, and How to Dodge over $3.6 Billion in Taxes

“Phil Knight’s estate plan demonstrates beyond doubt that loopholes in America’s estate and gift tax have rendered it useless.”

Martin Sheen, Opal Tometi, Danny Glover y Kerry Kennedy Presentarán la 45 ava edición Anual de los Premios de Derechos Humanos Letelier-Moffitt del Institute for Policy Studies

Martin Sheen y Kerry Kennedy entregarán el premio nacional a la Coalición Internacional para la Abolición de la Tortura y Apoyo a Sobrevivientes (TASSC), Opal Tometi entregará el premio internacional a la Organización Fraternal Negra de Honduras (OFRANEH), y Danny Glover pronunciará comentarios sobre la recaudación de fondos y cómo apoyar la ceremonia de premios Letelier-Moffitt.

Deputy Communications Director

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