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A Quarter of Biden’s Budget Will Go to Pentagon Contractors

Today the White House released the President’s budget request, laying out the President’s priorities for the country.

Más de 220 organizaciones piden a Gustavo Petro y Francia Márquez revisar los tratados de inversión internacional que permiten millonarias demandas contra el Estado colombiano

“Es urgente la necesidad de impedir que la búsqueda de justicia ante abusos de multinacionales, daños y pasivos socioambientales, laborales, financiación del paramilitarismo, amenazas o asesinato de líderes sindicales se vea saboteada por este sistema.”

Over 220 organizations call on Colombian government of Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez to withdraw from international investment treaties that enable million-dollar corporate claims

The groups urge the Colombian government to withdraw from treaties that enable transnational corporations to sue the country in tribunals designed to favor their interests.

77 Global and National Human Rights and Environmental Groups in Six Countries Expose OceanaGold as an Irresponsible Mining Company and Oppose its Expansion

The groups stand together against the abusive practices of one of the world’s major global mining corporations, OceanaGold, and issue an urgent appeal to the governments of the Philippines, Aotearoa New Zealand, El Salvador, the United States, Canada, and Australia calling for them to halt, shut down, or support or uphold bans impacting OceanaGold mines in their respective countries.

PRESS CONFERENCE: Join IPS and NM leaders 2/2 at 9 AM MT on “Why New Mexico Needs a Just Transition from Fossil Fuels and False Solutions”

IPS will host a critical virtual press conference highlighting key findings from a new report and featuring the insight and perspectives of key New Mexican environmental justice and Indigenous leaders.

251 Organizations from 29 countries call on Salvadoran government to drop the charges against leading Water Defenders arrested on January 11

Organizaciones internacionales piden al gobierno salvadoreño que retire los cargos contra Defensores del Agua detenidos el 11 de enero [TEXTO EN ESPAÑOL ABAJO]

New Institute for Policy Studies Report Finds That an Annual Wealth Tax on the World’s Richest Could Raise $1.7 Trillion Globally

The report includes country-by-country data on wealth inequality and the revenue possibilities of national wealth taxes.

New Institute for Policy Studies Report Exposes Stark Choice in New Mexico between Just Transition and False Solutions

The report features insights from New Mexican researchers and community leaders on how community-led energy solutions would benefit the state.

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Authors of Report on “Billionaire Enabler States” Available for Comment on The New Yorker Exposé on Allegations of Getty Family Trusts’ Tax Dodging

“Nevada has helped make it possible for super-wealthy families like the Gettys to dodge taxes owed to other states like California.”

Institute for Policy Studies calls on Salvadoran government to release from prison leading Water Defenders arrested on January 11

Hundreds of groups around the world worked with the Salvadoran Water Defenders in the successful campaign to save the country’s rivers from toxic gold mining. They join in demanding the release of the five Water Defenders and to allow them to await their trial in their community.     

From the National Priorities Project at IPS: The Pentagon has failed yet another audit, and yet Congress is preparing to give them $847 billion

Other major government agencies have long since passed audits. But the Pentagon is so big and disjointed, no one knows where its money goes.

NEW REPORT: “Homecoming: The Greater Birmingham Community Speaks on Regional Cooperation and a More Inclusive Economy”

The Institute for Policy Studies and Alabama Arise’s professional study findings expose the critical issues that impact Greater Birmingham residents — and the solutions they want to see.

Inaction Costs City of Boston $20 Million+ in Funds for Affordable Housing

New analysis from the Institute for Policy Studies shows how much Boston’s failure to enact a luxury real estate tax has cost the city.

National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies Releases Fact Sheet: “No National Security without Climate Security”

New resource explains how over-investment in militarism and under-investment in climate solutions have contributed to the failure to mitigate climate change – and that ways that we can reinvest military spending to combat the worst existential threat to our communities.

El Instituto de Estudios Políticos honrará a Sindicato de Trabajadores de Amazon y al Movimiento por Nuestros Desaparecidos en México

La 46ª edición de los Premios Letelier-Moffitt de Derechos Humanos se celebrará de forma virtual y presencial el 13 de octubre.