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The Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Civic Policy Release a Groundbreaking New Report: “People-Powered: The Case for Renewable Energy Democracy in New Mexico”

“For far too long, we have been told to not dream big and to conform to the status quo. This report offers an example of a prosperous and just future for all New Mexicans if we dream big and change the system to work for us and not big energy corporations,” said lead author Josue De Luna Navarro.

“Only a fraction of the size of the investments needed to achieve social and economic equity,” but a historic victory for movements and impacted communities:

The Institute for Policy Studies’ Criminalization of Race and Poverty Project celebrates the historic anti-poverty provisions of the Build Back Better bill passed by the U.S. House while joining social movements in calling for fuller equity.

“Nebraskans Deserve a Livable Future”

Groundbreaking New Institute for Policy Studies Report Analyzes How a Just Transition to Wind Energy Could Power Nebraska

IPS Tax Policy Expert Bob Lord Available for Interviews on Phil Knight, Billionaire Tax Avoidance, and How to Dodge over $3.6 Billion in Taxes

“Phil Knight’s estate plan demonstrates beyond doubt that loopholes in America’s estate and gift tax have rendered it useless.”

IPS climate policy expert Basav Sen available for comment on federal interagency plan on climate threats and adaptation

“The DHS approach to climate-driven displacement is the moral equivalent of an arsonist burning down a house and then refusing shelter to its residents.”

Martin Sheen, Opal Tometi, Danny Glover y Kerry Kennedy Presentarán la 45 ava edición Anual de los Premios de Derechos Humanos Letelier-Moffitt del Institute for Policy Studies

Martin Sheen y Kerry Kennedy entregarán el premio nacional a la Coalición Internacional para la Abolición de la Tortura y Apoyo a Sobrevivientes (TASSC), Opal Tometi entregará el premio internacional a la Organización Fraternal Negra de Honduras (OFRANEH), y Danny Glover pronunciará comentarios sobre la recaudación de fondos y cómo apoyar la ceremonia de premios Letelier-Moffitt.

Martin Sheen, Opal Tometi, Danny Glover, and Kerry Kennedy Will Present at the Institute for Policy Studies’ 45th Annual Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awards

Martin Sheen and Kerry Kennedy will present the domestic award to Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC), Opal Tometi will present the international award to the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH), and Danny Glover will follow up with remarks about the Letelier-Moffitt awards ceremony.

“Pandora Papers” expert, Chuck Collins, author of The Wealth Hoarders, available for comment on the Pandora Papers revelations

Over the last two months, Collins has briefed ICIJ journalists on the “wealth hiding” systems in the USA.

94 Organizations Urge Congress to Stand Up to Pressure from Corporate Lobbyists and Pass President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan

Letter denounces corporate lobbyists’ assault on vital programs and services supporting children and working families and combating climate change.

$21 Trillion over 20 Years: Breaking New Report Analyzes the Full Cost of Militarization Since 9/11

“Our $21 trillion investment in militarism has cost far more than dollars. It has cost the lives of civilians and troops lost in war, and the lives ended or torn apart by our brutal and punitive immigration, policing and mass incarceration systems.”

The Institute for Policy Studies’ 45th Annual Sheridan Circle Ceremony in D.C. to Commemorate the Assassination of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Karpen Moffitt

2021 Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Awardees Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition International (TASSC) and the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH) will be in attendance.

American Billionaires Got 62% Richer During Pandemic — Almost All That Wealth Growth Will Go Income-Tax Free, Showing Need For Biden’s Tax Reforms & Investment Plans

Billionaires’ Collective Fortune Grew $1.8 Trillion Over 17 Months, Enough to Pay for Over Half of Biden’s Proposed $3.5 Trillion Investment in Healthcare, Education & More

“Wealthy Donors Need to Get Off Their Assets”

New Report Finds More Than One Billion Dollars In DAF Grants
Went to Other Commercial DAFs in 2019

Over 45 Years, Measures of Justice

Milestones on the Path to Accountability for the Assassination of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Karpen Moffitt

One-off Emergency Tax on Billionaires’ Pandemic Windfalls Could Fund COVID-19 Jabs for Entire World

Governments across the world are massively under-taxing the wealthiest individuals and big corporations, which is undermining the fight against COVID-19 and poverty and inequality.