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America Is Not Broke

How to pay for the crisis while making the country more equitable, green, and secure.

G20 Missed Its Chance to Take Action on Climate Change

This week leaders of the world’s largest economies once again missed an opportunity to actually do something on climate change.

Obama: If You Can’t Lead Then Get Out of the Way

Major U.S. environment, development and faith groups call on President Obama not to block European countries’ progress toward a financial speculation tax at the G-20 Summit.

A New Set of Tools for Measuring Economic Progress

Maryland’s GPI assesses what’s left behind when the state’s economy officially expands.

Measuring Progress

Maryland’s government is embracing an alternative way to monitor the state’s wellbeing called the Genuine Progress Indicator, which brings depth to the analysis of the state’s economic growth.

A Lesson Kids Understand, but Congress Does Not

It’s a sad commentary on the state of our country that our children are terrified by what our elected officials are failing to do: Uphold laws that protect their health.

The Dawning of GDP’s Hegemony

When the Great Depression hit, Congress lacked any tools with which to accurately measure just how the economy as a whole was faring.

A Mother’s Plea for Sasha and Malia: No Tar Sands Pipeline

Children have a way of speaking to our hearts.

Tar Sands Protests in Front of the White House [VIDEO]

For several days now, protesters have assembled outside the White House to express their opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. The proposed pipeline will carry toxic, corrosive bitumen from the tar sands and will stretch over 1,700 miles from Canada to Texas. There, it will be refined, primarily for export.

I Was Arrested Today at the White House to Say No to Dirty Energy and the Tar Sands

“Today I’m risking arrest to urge president Obama to be the leader that puts healing the planet and families over the interests of the fossil fuel industry.”

Tar Sands Pipeline Goes Beyond Even the Usual Environmental Stupidity — And That’s Why We Really Need to Fight Back

Here’s three reasons why the pipeline is truly idiotic and why I’m willing to get arrested to stop it.

Connecting Extreme Weather Dots Across the Map

Talking about the weather isn’t small talk any more.

Money for Nothing

Years after the Enron debacle, traders are still fleecing consumers through obscure electricity market loopholes.

A Small Tax on Finance, A Giant Leap Forward for the Climate Fund

Climate activists turned up the heat on government officials attending the UN climate talks, calling for a tiny tax on financial speculation to help pay for the fight against global warming.

Bonn Climate Talks

United Nations climate negotiations have resumed, this time in Germany.

Washington Should Lead on Climate or Stop Standing in the Way

Over the next two weeks, representatives from 194 nations will meet in Bonn, Germany, to push forward a deal to stabilize the global climate and help poor countries address the inevitable changes that global warming brings.

Nothing More than Hot Air

The World Bank’s perverse incentives to pollute continue preempting a better, more principled way forward.

Earthbeat Radio Covers the Environment the Way Corporate Media Won’t

Earthbeat Radio is filling a gap with continuing independent coverage of the climate change crisis. During the National Conference for Media Reform, we sat down with Free Speech TV to talk about our work.

Obama’s Dirty Energy Fixation

As radioactivity levels continue to spike in Fukushima, Obama’s support for nuclear power is unwavering.

World Bank Doesn’t Belong at the Green Climate Fund’s Drawing Table

More than 90 environment, development, human rights, and anti-debt organizations from around the world want the Bank to have no say in setting up this key new tool for helping poor nations address climate change.