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Blogging the Rio+20 Earth Summit for the Rest of Us: The Great Moving Nowhere Show

The Rio declaration contains 283 paragraphs of blank prose that “reaffirm,” “note,” and “acknowledge” a long shopping list of activities, but “commit” to virtually nothing.

Blogging the Rio+20 Earth Summit for the Rest of Us: The Eurozone Crisis

There’s actually not such a great distance between what’s happening in Greece and the “green economy” agenda that the EU is pushing here.

A Robin Hood Tax Can Raise Big Bucks for People and the Planet

U.S. Climate activists are joining a global call for a tax on financial transactions.

The Elephant in Rio

Don’t bank on a new “green economy” to solve our climate challenges.

Blogging the Rio+20 Earth Summit for the Rest of Us: What’s at Stake with the Green Economy

Simply obtaining measures to implement the commitments made 20 years ago would be better than creating any new corporate-driven initiatives or issuing yet more empty promises.

Coal Smoke and Planetary Fever

As the climate changes, a deadly disease is on the rise.

Obama’s Energy and Environment Budget: Lofty Goals in Need of a Financial and Political Base

President Barack Obama’s 2013 budget proposal offers a window into which battles he aims to fight and which ones he intends to avoid. Here’s a breakdown of the energy policies embedded in the proposed budget.

Fracking Perils

The ongoing bonanza in the U.S. hydraulic fracturing industry marks a dangerous misstep on the road to U.S. energy independence.

A Recipe for Climate Action

Just a pinch of fear can go a long way.

Durban Diary: The Waiting Game

As the doors on government meetings swing shut, Janet ponders whether our future will be one of ecological stability or planetary chaos.

Durban Diary: Climate Reality Check

What we need in Durban is a commitment to complete the mandate that already exists. Countries must deliver a renewed Kyoto Protocol, and effective Green Climate Fund, and substantial money to fill it.

[VIDEO] What Happened to the Urgency about Climate Change?

This edition of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change lacks the sense of urgency that was visible on years past. On this interview with the Real News Network, we discuss the repercussions of turning away from the future of our planet.

Durban Diary: Dispatch from the Ground

As UN climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa, go into their final week, Janet Redman, co-director of IPS’s Sustainable Energy & Economy Network, provides a quick update on the talks.

Durban Diary: Who is the One Percent at the UN Climate Convention?

Not yet ready to condemn the UN climate change summit, Janet lists the culprits in the corporate, government and diplomatic world who are to blame for the struggle to move forward.

Durban Diary: #Occupy the COP

A former Central American president proposes that all vulnerable countries should occupy the UN climate change meeting and refuse to leave until progress is made.

Durban Diary: Repaying Climate Debt

We have to mobilize the political will of rich countries to share the wealth.

Durban Diary: What’s on the Table?

Many countries — especially the wealthiest ones — are dragging their feet.

Durban Diary: UN Summit’s Stormy Backdrop

Scientists are finding increasing evidence that climate change is behind the recent surge in extreme weather.

Maryland’s Air Quality Raises Serious Questions

Dirty air threatens Maryland’s children.

A Blizzard of Bad Climate News

If you want to get your grandkids something they’ll be really thankful for this holiday season, fight to stop climate change.