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Global Civil Society Wary of World Bank Role in New Funds

More than 90 organizations and global networks urge leaders to strictly limit the role and influence of the World Bank in designing a new Green Climate Fund.

US Spent Nuclear Fuel Largest Concentration Of Radioactivity On Planet

In this interview by Daphne Wysham on the Real News Network, Bob Alvarez talks about the 71,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel that are not properly protected in the U.S.

The Danger Posed by Fukushima’s Nuclear Pile

Transcript for the Earth Beat interview of Harvey Wasserman, for the Real News Network.

French Government Advises its Citizens to Stay Away from Tokyo, Japan Stays Silent

It’s ironic that the French are giving such strong advice to their citizens in Japan.

U.S. Groups Join Global Call to Tax Speculators

Over 30 national organizations signed this letter urging President Obama to take action at home and abroad to stop rampant financial speculation.

Taxing Financial Speculation, Raising Funds for Critical Needs

Levying a tiny tax on financial transactions could help build a healthier and more stable future.

Investing in Our Future Act of 2011

Climate change and the lack of health care services in developing countries are urgent and under-funded crises threatening the livelihoods and security of billions of people.

Financial Transaction Taxes: A win-win for the climate and the economy

In the face of enormous need, civil society calls on leaders to use innovative financing tools in the fight against climate change.

SOTU: Parsing Obama’s ‘Clean Energy’ Promises

The sound of the president’s silence on climate change and the BP oil disaster was deafening.

Our Slow-Motion Global Accident

Industry simply doesn’t have an incentive to kick its fossil fuel habit.

Cancun, Climate Change, and Congress

IPS Fellow Daphne Wysham talks climate on The Real News.

Cancun: Can We Avert Climate Chaos?

Arm twisting and back-room pressure tactics will backfire.

Cancun: More Exclusion of Civil Society, More Bad News from Governments

Things are not looking good in the UN climate talks, but all hope isn’t lost…yet.

Shielding Climate Talks from Public Scrutiny

The Mexican government and the UN climate convention secretariat are investing in security to keep people out when real human and ecological security will require all of our voices.

Serendipity at the climate negotiations

In Cancun’s UN Global Climate Summit, there is a new generation of economic and climate justice activists in town–fired up and ready to go.

Climate Justice Policy Factsheets

Climate justice policy factsheets directly from the UN climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico

Cancun: The Next Chance for Democratic Solutions to the Climate Crisis

Can the U.S. get behind an American tradition in Cancun?

What Do the Elections Mean for the Environment?

Republicans are claiming they are the voice of the people after the elections. But on climate change, they are turning deaf ears.

Better Late Than Never: Obama puts solar panels on White House

Whatever caused the change of heart, President Obama has restored a small sense of hope among climate activists that he really will make climate change a focus for him in coming months.

Leading the Way to a Smarter Future

People living in “transition” cities and towns are working together to make their communities more resilient to economic and environmental uncertainty.