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A Tiny Tax in Europe, a Big Win for Climate?

Global campaigners are pushing European Union countries to be ambitious in targeting a significant portion of revenue from taxing financial transactions to fight climate chaos.

Why the World Bank Must Divest from Fossil Fuels

The World Bank should do the math and step up to the challenge of climate change.

Is the World Bank turning up the heat?

Daphne Wysham sat down with Al Jazeera’s Inside Story to discuss a recent World Bank report on climate change and their own role in contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

The Private Sector’s Murky Role in Climate Finance

Multinational corporations and investment banks shouldn’t dominate financing of climate adaptations, says Janet Redman, reporting live from the UN Climate Summit, Doha, Qatar.

Doha Talks Show Need for Climate Action in Post-Sandy U.S.

Will the United States ever change its policy of obstructing international action to stop climate change? If so, the political pressure to change the country’s role will have to come from the American people.

We’re Not Broke

This commonsense guide to avoiding the fiscal swindle would nearly eliminate the budget deficit while making the United States more equitable, green, and secure.

At Climate Summit, It’s Economy First, Then Survival

Update from Doha, Qatar: As countries (somewhat ironically) gather in the petro-state of Qatar for the annual UN climate summit, it’s even more apparent that economic considerations override concerns about severe environmental disruption, and even survival.

Janet Redman provides live updates from the UN Climate Summit, Doha

Co-director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network at IPS, Janet Redman, provides live updates from the UN Climate Summit, Doha, on the Green Climate Fund, a “Robin Hood” tax on financial transactions, protests, and more.

Now, Will Obama Break His Climate Silence?

We must hold him accountable for living up to his visionary rhetoric and call him out on the shortsightedness of his energy policy.

How Sandy Reveals the GDP’s Twisted Logic

Extreme weather doesn’t boost the economy.

Is Obama Taking Climate Voters for Granted?

I’m not going to let Obama hold my hand in public until he starts acting like the man who courted the climate community before the last election.

Civil Society to World Bank President Dr. Jim Kim: Add Your Voice to the Choir of Support for a Financial Transactions Tax

Now’s the time for the World Bank’s leader to make a bold move on the FTT.

The Green Climate Fund’s “No-Objection” Procedure and Private Finance: Lessons Learned from Existing Institutions

IPS teamed up with Friends of the Earth and the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives to produce this set of recommendations for the future of the Green Climate Fund.

The Six Stages of Climate Grief

I have discovered a new sixth stage, beyond acceptance of the truly depressing climate science: doing The Work.

How Did Coal-Rich India End Up With Power Blackouts?

How climate change and Word Bank decisions lead to the crisis.

One Reason Behind India’s Blackout: World Bank Policies and Neoliberalism

An ideology of neoliberalism foisted on India by the World Bank and IMF was partly to blame for the blackout.

Shell-shocked Again, this Time because of Aurora

For the victims of Colorado’s recent tragedy, it’s time we get our values straight and face the true costs of our trigger-happy culture.

Photo Slideshow: An Act of Art

I joined artist activists in London for a guerilla installation and performance piece at the Tate Modern Museum to protest oil giant BP’s involvement in the art community.

A Perfect and Hot Storm

It’s time to save ourselves from a climate nightmare of our own making.

Josh Fox’s New Fracking Gem

The documentary filmmaker’s new work, The Sky Is Pink, is a must-see.