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UN Green Climate Fund Open for Business – Now Where’s the Money?

After four years of negotiations over the framework of a new UN Green Climate Fund, countries have agreed on what are considered “essential elements” to make the Fund operational.

Keep Dirty Energy Out of Green Climate Fund, Demand Activists and Community Groups

A coalition of nearly 300 civil society organizations mainly from developing countries are raising alarms that the GCF could be used to finance dirty energy

Statement in Support and Solidarity with the Abducted Girls of the Government Girls School, Chibok, Nigeria

A coalition of faith-based, human rights groups, and members of the Nigerian Diaspora in the United States will hold a vigil in Washington, DC in support of the abducted school girls of the Government Girls School in Chibok, Nigeria and to show solidarity with the families of the girls.

International Coalition Supports El Salvador in Battle Against Canadian Mining Company

Some 300 groups urge World Bank to reject lawsuit that would devastate nation’s water

New Study Debunks Mining Company “Falsehoods” Regarding El Salvador

A new study debunks eight falsehoods the mining corporation OceanaGold has used to try to justify mining in El Salvador and undermine public debate and policymaking.

Harry Potter, Walking Dead Celebrities Team Up to Promote Wall Street Tax

Some of Europe’s biggest film stars promote a financial transaction tax, which Wall Street lobbyists and their European counterparts fiercely oppose.

News on Mistreatment of Indian Diplomat Ignores Story of Domestic Worker Abuse, says expert at Institute for Policy Studies

“The treatment of Khobragade during her arrest raises serious concerns for us and for our international allies, but it is our belief this cannot be used as an excuse to ignore the deeper questions raised by the case,” said Tiffany Williams, Institute for Policy Studies.

President Obama’s Words on Inequality Are “Not Enough,” Say Experts at Institute for Policy Studies

President Obama’s remarks this week on inequality and economic mobility are on the right track but need to be followed by action, said experts Sam Pizzigati, editor of and IPS Associate Fellow, and Chuck Collins, director of the Inequality and the Common Good project at IPS.

Fast Food CEOs Gorge on Taxpayer-Subsidized Pay

New report shows that while top fast food executives are fighting living wages for their workers, they’re benefiting from tax breaks on their own pay.

Climate Policy Expert Calls Lack of Money “Elephant in the Room” at Climate Finance Meeting

The Green Climate Fund was established to provide money for climate adaptations to developing countries

Report from Climate Scientists Confirms What Climate Justice Advocates Already Know: The Time to Act is Now

“We hope the IPCC’s report will help skeptics understand that the jury is in and has issued a clear ruling: climate change is underway and we must do all we can to slow it down,” said Janet Redman, climate expert at the Institute for Policy Studies.

50th Anniversary of the Institute for Policy Studies features celebrities, workshops, gala, reunion, food, and dancing

Speakers include Seymour Hersh, Harry Belafonte, and Amy Goodman

SEC Issues Strong Rule on CEO-Worker Pay Gaps

IPS executive compensation experts available to comment on SEC rule released today.

Time to End the Long Stall on Disclosing CEO-Worker Pay Gaps

IPS executive compensation experts available to comment on SEC rules expected Wednesday

NEW REPORT: Executive Excess 2013, “Bailed Out, Booted, and Busted”

IPS releases 20-year review showing that nearly 40 percent of America’s top-paid CEOs are not so great at their jobs.