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Views Roundup with IPS – Egypt, Obama’s Africa trip, NSA spying, fracking, more

A weekly roundup of what IPS personalities are talking about.

Rally to “Restore the Fourth” in Washington DC on Independence Day

The Institute for Policy Studies joins other Fourth Amendment advocates for a rally in Washington DC on Independence Day to protest NSA spying, oppose privacy violations, and uphold civil rights.

World Bank Phasing Out Coal, Ramping up Support for “Fracking”

But fracked gas releases greater greenhouse gas emissions than coal, studies suggest.

New Guide Explains How and Why America Has Become So Unequal

Growing Apart: A Political History of American Inequality, a new publication of by Colin Gordon, dives deeply into history, explores current events, and examines the root causes of inequality.

Africa Policy Leaders Demand a New Direction in President Obama’s Policy toward the African Continent

As President Obama plans trip to Senegal, Tanzania, and South Africa, a press conference at the National Press Club will give voice to those calling for change in his Africa policy.

Jeffrey Sachs, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley to Speak at “Beyond the Great Recession and Beyond GDP” Event

Sachs and O’Malley to discuss how Gross Domestic Product can be replaced by other wellbeing indicators to help policymakers to make better choices for a sustainable future.

Civil Liberties Coalition Challenges Secret National Security Agency Spying

A press conference and rally protesting the National Security Agency’s abuses of law-abiding Americans will be held on Friday, June 14, 2013 at 12:00 pm on Capitol Hill

New Report: Pro-Austerity CEOs Seek to Widen Tax Haven Loophole

A new report by the Institute for Policy Studies shows that Fix the Debt member corporations stand to gain as much as $173 billion in windfalls if Congress adopts their proposal for a territorial tax system.

Rene Gonzalez of the Cuban 5 Speaks to the American People for the First Time at the National Press Club

Cuban national, now out of U.S. prison, speaks of his terrorism charges, false imprisonment at press conference to announce beginning of “Five Days for the Cuban 5” in Washington DC

Activists in Boat Blocking Coal Ship at Brayton Point Coal Plant

Two Massachusetts men anchor lobster boat in Mount Hope Bay, call for immediate coal plant shutdown to avert climate change catastrophe

New Report: CEOs Pushing Austerity Enjoy Taxpayer-Subsidized Pay

New report shows that while ‘Fix the Debt’ executives call for cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, and more, they continue to benefit from subsidized pay.

Civil Society and Entrepreneurs Call on World Bank to Clean Up Energy Lending

Over 55 development, faith, human rights, community, and environmental groups from more than 20 countries teamed up to ask World Bank President Jim Kim to end Bank support for all fossil fuel projects unless the projects are solely focused on directly increasing energy access for the poor.

New Report Shows True Cost of Inequality in Maryland

Report uses Genuine Progress Indicator, finds that a more equitable level of income could generate $65 billion in benefits for Maryland

New Report Exposes Extreme Disparity in the Social Security Debate

Compared with ordinary Americans, CEOs pushing cuts have little to lose. CEO-backed cuts would reduce retirement benefits for a typical home care worker by almost 16 percent.

Open Letter to Board Members of Green Climate Fund: “Don’t Shut Us Out!”

73 civil society organizations urge members of the Green Climate Fund board to pass rules promoting public participation, transparency and accountability.