On April 13, IPS Director John Cavanagh, along with IPS’s close allies at the Restaurant Opportunities Centers-United was arrested during a Capitol Hill protest against the National Restaurant Association, one of the prime examples of excessive money in politics.

Statement from IPS Director John Cavanagh:

“It’s time to take our government back from high-power lobbyists buying votes for policies that would increase profits for a $787 billion industry, while trampling restaurant workers who make as little as $2 an hour. We need to stick our necks out, demand an end to the influence of big money on our politics, and give the voice back to the people.”

The Institute for Policy Studies joins hundreds of organizations taking part in the Democracy Awakening and Democracy Spring mass mobilizations, calling for an end to the corruption of big money in politics and combating attacks on our voting rights to ensure free and fair elections.

For interviews, contact Elaine de Leon Ahn, Communications Director at elaine@ips-dc.org or 202-787-5271.

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