Netfa was Director of the Institute’s Social Action & Leadership School for Activists (SALSA) from 2000 to 2010 and is now the coordinator for events of the other IPS projects. SALSA provided affordable workshops covering all aspects of grassroots activism.

Netfa holds a B.A. in History from the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and has been a political organizer/activist since 1985. He served as coordinator of the Committee for Political Education at the Pan-African Resource Center (1985-1989) and has worked as a phone-bank fundraiser for the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES 1988-1990).

Netfa has been intimately involved with many movements, such as the 1986 International Peace Gathering in response to the U.S. bombing of Libya, the 1997 Advocates Plus Save UDC movement, and the People Before Profit Community Healthcare Project that was organizing DC residents to take their healthcare needs into their own hands. He served for many years as boardmember for Empower DC, as well as on the advisory board of M.O.M.I.E.S. TLC, was U.S. liaison for the Ujamma Youth Farming Project in Gweru, Zimbabwe, and a founding member and a lead organizer in the DC-Havana Sister City Project and the No War On Cuba Movement. He is an organizer in the International Committee for Peace, Justice & Dignity for the People, formerly the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5. Netfa is also a radio co-producer/co-host for Voices With Vision on WPFW 89.3 FM that airs Tuesdays from 9-10am. In 2011 Netfa was a recipient of the Washington Peace Center’s Activists of The Year Awards and is a workshop facilitator as part of the Educator’s Collective for the Wayside Center for Popular EducationTrain the Movement: A Trainers of Color Collaborative, and completed the “Amandla! Black Community Organizing Internship” of BOLD, Black Organizing for Leadership & Dignity.

His writings have been published in Black Star News (Ode To Black Women, Zimbabwe: Psychosis of Denial, What Happy Thanksgiving, Zimbabwe Election Deja Vu), Black Commentator (From Negro History Week to Pan-African Historical Context, Zimbabwe: More Than Complicity of Silence, Africa Advocacy & The Zimbabwe Factor), and Black Agenda Report (Zimbabwe And The Battle of Ideas), Pambazuka News, Global Research, and beyond. He also serves often as a commentator on radio and TV outlets.



What Western Imperialism Is Up to in Zimbabwe

The media misrepresentation of recent events in Zimbabwe is just as dangerous as the efforts to appropriate its labor and land.
Cuban flag

The Real Reason Trump's Trying to Derail Cuba Advances

Trump's motivations to reverse Obama-era policies have less to do with human rights, and more about fear of an example of a different kind of society, Netfa Freeman tells Rising Up with Sonali.

Briefing: Scholars and Organizers on Cameroon’s State-Sponsored Human Rights Abuses

IPS to host panel on conditions that have created Cameroon’s Internet refugees.

Fidel Castro's Impact on Africa

Guest host Esther Githui-Ewart and her guests take an in-depth look at Castro’s impact on Africa; with Professor Abdi Ismail Samatar, Melvin Foote, Netfa Freeman, and Professor Piero Gleijeses.

Remembering Fidel Castro: "This Was a Life That Got Things Done"

One of the things that made Castro a giant was that he knew it wasn’t just about him, he prepared the people to be in charge in his absence, Freeman said.

National Prison Strikers Protesting the Same Deplorable Conditions as 1971 Attica Uprising

IPS' Netfa Freeman explains on Sputnik Radio that this demonstration illustrates one of the goals of the Movement for Black Lives — to ultimately dismantle mass incarceration that disproportionately impacts African Americans.

C-SPAN: The Emerging Racial Justice Agenda

The Institute for Policy Studies hosts "The Emerging Racial Justice Agenda," a brown bag honoring the just-released policy agenda of the Movement for Black Lives.

Diplomatic Relations Open the Door to a New Perspective on Cuba

IPS scholars James Early and Netfa Freeman talk about how new diplomatic relations with Cuba give us a chance to see the response from the Cuban people and move forward in the battle to end the embargo.

Brexit: A Nail in the Coffin of Neo-colonialism in Africa

The breaking of Euro-North American spheres of dominance would be a victory for the internationalism represented by movements for social, political, and economic integration in Africa and Latin America.

Pan-Africanism in the 21st Century: Challenges and Prospects

IPS's Netfa Freeman speaks on the state of the global African movement.

Alonzo Smith and the Role of Private Policing in Anacostia

Netfa Freeman talks about what short and long term justice would look like for Alonzo Smith, a local teacher killed in the custody of special police.

Hipocresia! A Revolutionary Perspective On Obama’s Visit to Cuba

IPS policy analyst Netfa Freeman demystifies much of what has been said about Obama’s visit to Cuba, from the perspective of one friendly to the Cuban Revolution.

On Heels of Obama's Historic Visit to Cuba, Advocates to Gather in Washington

The International Committee, accompanied by dozens of supporters from across the United States and beyond, will descend on Washington from April 18-22 for a second "Days of Action against the Blockade."

Class and The Movement for Black Lives

In this special edition of imixwhatilike! we hosted a panel focused on class politics within the movement for Black lives.

From Civil Rights to Human Rights, Black Community Control Now!

This UN presence marks another important step forward to obtaining true independent oversight and justice for many who have lost their families to anti-Black police terrorism.
Gerardo Hernandez

May Day 2015, Interview with Gerardo Hernandez

An interview with a member of the Cuban 5, Gerardo Hernandez.
Cuban leaders' portraits

Has U.S. Policy Toward Cuba Really Changed?

Despite its improving relations with Havana, Washington's ultimate goal for the island remains regime change.

An Interview with Rene Gonzalez, of the Cuban 5

Rene Gonzalez, the only member of the Cuban Five to be released from prison since their arrest in 1998 was interviewed by IPS' Netfa Freeman at the 9th International Colloquium for the Freedom of the Five and Against Terrorism held in Holguín, Cuba,
The Search for Snowden and Obscene Assaults on Sovereignty

The Search for Snowden and Obscene Assaults on Sovereignty

Bolivia's President Evo Morales -- no place to land.

April 22 Brown Bag on Venezuela's Electoral System

The presentations of Dan Kovalik and Alex Main, who served as official international election observers for Venezuela's April 14, 2013 presidential election.

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