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At IPS, our work is centered in our vision: we believe everyone has a right to thrive on a planet where all communities are equitable, democratic, peaceful, and sustainable. Our intersecting programs and initiatives, led by a diverse group of expert staff and associate fellows, are helping to shape progressive movements toward this vision.

Latest Work

Jobs and Saudi arms sales: The real story

For too long our foreign policy has been under the thumb of the Saudis’ oil and their wars. Getting out from under will require putting inflated claims about jobs and arms sales in their place.

Phyllis Bennis on Democracy Now on Ukraine

Phyllis Bennis, Director of the New Internationalism Project at IPS, spoke on Democracy Now! on October 27, 2022 about the ongoing situation in Ukraine, the human cost of the war, […]

Phyllis Bennis on Katie Halper Show on Ukraine

Phyllis Bennis, Director of the New Internationalism Project at IPS, spoke on the Katie Halper Show about the ongoing situation in Ukraine and what it means to urge diplomacy in […]

What’s driving the gap between the richest and poorest Americans

Yahoo Finance quoted Sarah Anderson on CEO pay and Chuck Collins on billionaire wealth and cited IPS findings as part of examining income inequality.

Award Bestowed on the Movimiento por Nuestros Desaparecidos en México (Movement for Our Disappeared Ones in Mexico)

“The Movement for Our Disappeared Ones in Mexico emerged out of the need to pass laws regarding forced disappearances to ensure the government recognizes that the victims are not a number but rather, persons with names and faces.”

Republican ‘Solutions’ Will Make Inflation Worse

If cutting corporate tax rates and making billionaires wealthier actually fixed inflation, it would have been fixed ages ago.

What Threatens Florida More, Hurricanes or the Rich?

Politicians in the Sunshine State would rather keep taxes on the wealthy low than average families safe.

Disrupting Debt, Defusing Nukes: Basav Sen talks climate protests with CodePink Radio

CodePink Radio episode featuring Basav Sen discusses climate protests against the International Monetary Fund annual meeting. October 13, 2022.

These US states are billionaire tax havens (The Marc Steiner Show)

Marc Steiner spoke with Chuck Collins and Kalena Thomhave about their new IPS report on the 13 US states that the worst enablers of billionaire wealth hiding.

The High Cost of Beacon Hill Inaction

IPS Report Documents Missing Millions as Massachusetts State Legislature Fails to Act on Boston’s Luxury Transfer Tax