No right to free speech – against Israel?

America boasts of being a land where freedom of speech and freedom to protest are respected. Yet, when it comes to Americans criticizing a foreign ally, the Zionist state of Israel, and lifting their voices for Palestinian rights, these constitutional rights and...
The Mad Military Money Machine

The Mad Military Money Machine

The military industrial complex is costly and inefficient. It’s time to cut the defense budget and end its wasteful practices.

Save the Climate, Dismantle the Border Apparatus

Dotted throughout the Arizona-Sonora borderlands are more than forty new surveillance towers, the backbone of a “virtual wall” — the newest symbol of the border’s ever-expanding fortification. … Read the full article at Jacobin.

ICE detention center attack could have ties to extremist group

WASHINGTON (SBG) — A violent attack at an ICE detention center this past weekend has put a group known for violent protests back in the headlines. Outside the detention center in Tacoma, Washington you can see shattered windows, broken glass and bullet markers on the...