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Spirit of Boondoggle Departs Quashed Los Alamos Project, Finds New One to Possess

The construction of an expensive new plutonium pit facility has been abandoned. Will it be replaced a collection of smaller buildings?

Would Pakistan Respond to India’s Use of Conventional Weapons With Tactical Nukes?

Theoretically Pakistan is poised to respond to Indian military retaliation for a terrorist strike with tactical nukes.

Minot’s Launch Control Fail: Reason #532 Why Nuclear Deterrence Is a Fragile Foundation for Peace

To concerns about human error in nuclear launch control add moodiness.

Next Step for Assad — Exile to a Rump State?

Syria has become the weak leg of its tripod with Iran and Hezbollah.

Emphasis Added: The Foreign Policy Week in Pieces (5/2)

From nuclear weapons to profiling Muslims to Afghan corruption.

Americans Will Never Fear Everyday Gun Violence Like They Do Terrorism

One they view as the cost of living in a free society, the other as war.

U.S. Explores Military Engagement With Burma’s Brutal Military

In its rush to jump on the Burma investment bandwagon, the U.S. is actually exploring working with Burma’s army.

Burma as Capable of Scapegoating Muslims as Anybody

Burma’s Muslims are caught in a cross-fire between Chinese and Western investment.

Emphasis Added: The Foreign Policy Week in Pieces (4/26)

From schools for terrorists to psychotherapy for terrorists.

Boston Marathon Bombing: What Do Chechens Have Against the U.S.?

Hasn’t Chechen separatists’ beef always been with Russia?

Emphasis Added: The Foreign Policy Week in Pieces (4/18)

From the alternative energy that’s not so alternative to victory for Iran.

Did Boston Marathon Bombers Choose Patriots’ Day to Cover Their Tracks?

Why hasn’t anyone taken responsibility for the attack yet?

Domestic Attacks Like the Boston Marathon Bombing Add Insult to Injury

The best way to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing is by preventing its re-occurrence.

To Wolfowitz, Iraq Was Just a Chance for the U.S. to Demonstrate Its Power

To Bush Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, the invasion of Iraq wasn’t war as much as an advanced form of saber-rattling.

Despite Funneling Money to the Corporations That Run the Nuclear Labs, the Administration Finds Itself in Their Debt

Corporate contractors not only receive money from the federal government, but help dictate policy.

What Does Italy Hope to Gain by Re-trying Amanda Knox?

And, were she found guilty again, would the United States extradite Amanda Knox?

Nixon’s “Madman Theory” Was Not the Vietnam War’s Only Nuclear Weapons Test Case

In part, the Vietnam War was perceived as a message that the U.S. would not be intimidated by a Chinese nuclear-weapons program.