Russ Wellen holds down the “Nukes and Other WMD’s” desk at the Faster Times, and writes “The Deproliferator” for Scholars & Rogues and other blogs. He is an advisor to the Madrona Institute and co-moderates Terralist.


What Effect Will Resignation of Iran Hard-Liner Have on IAEA?

Will the resignation of the head of safeguards for the International Atomic Energy Agency signal a softer or harder line toward Iran on the IAEA’s part?

Here We Go With the Pallets of Cash Again (Remember Paul Bremer?)

The billions of dollars in cash flowing out of Kabul harken back to the shrink-wrapped $100 bills Paul Bremer sent to Iraq on pallets.

Doesn’t a Spy Need, Like, Secrets?

The Russian spy case beggars the question of how you can be a spy without any secrets to sell.

Burma’s Junta Built to Last

In the face of sanctions, defectors with nuclear secrets, and a liberalized officer corps, how long can Burma’s junta hold out?

Would You Trust a Country That Named Its First Nuke Test ‘Smiling Buddha’?

When it comes to calling states rogues, why does India get a pass?

Are Nuclear Weapons ‘Realists’ Afraid to Confront Reality?

When it comes to nuclear weapons, there’s a reality more real than “realism.”

U.S.-India Nuke Transactions Go From Bad to Worse

U.S.-India nuclear transactions have an adverse effect on disarmament protocols, thwart development in India, and even threaten corporate profits.

Petraeus Harbinger of Peace, Not Another Surge?

Will Gen. Petraeus “surge” Afghanistan like he did Iraq?

Seed of Destruction: Nuclear ‘Pits’

How can we achieve nuclear disarmament when the Obama administration seeks increased funding for the core of the weapon — the nuclear pit?

Reader Challenge: Trade Flotilla Investigation for Blockade?

Is trading the investigation of the Gaza flotilla incident for easing of Israel’s blockade of Gaza the right move?

Poking a Stick Into the Honor Killing v. Domestic Violence Debate

Many are leery of distinguishing honor killings from domestic violence for fear of victimizing Muslims.

What Does Gary Brooks Farber’s Quixotic Mission Say About the Rest of Us?

Why have calls on the part of the American public for bin Laden’s head been so muted?

Reader Challenge: Do Burma’s Generals Just Need a Little Love and Understanding?

Sanctions are undermining President Obama’s Burma policy.

Reader Challenge: Is Afghan Mineral Find a Game-Changer?

Is Afghan mineral find a game-changer or just a wild card?

Part 3-The Futility of Trying to Debate Our Way to Disarmament

In the end, disarmament won’t spring from a fruitless quest for ironclad rationales. Its establishment will be the result of a groundswell of reactions ranging from disgust with to bewilderment at a national security policy that puts the lives of tens of millions at risk.

Part 2-The Futility of Trying to Debate Our Way to Disarmament

Another obstacle to those who seek disarmament through policy channels is just how difficult it is to dispute “realist” arguments against disarmament.

Part 1-The Futility of Trying to Debate Our Way to Disarmament

In the long run, grassroots types sprouting by the side of the road — may have a better chance of implementing disarmament than those steering policy limos down the middle of the road.

Outraged by Drone Strikes? Some Drone Operators Are Too

CIA drone operators conflicted over drone strikes.

Reader Challenge: Do Alternate Cheonan Narratives Ring True?

Did North Korea really have anything to do with the sinking of the Cheonan?

Readers’ Challenge: Why Ahmadis Now?

Pakistani constitution mandates persecution of the Ahmadi sect.