Russ Wellen holds down the “Nukes and Other WMD’s” desk at the Faster Times, and writes “The Deproliferator” for Scholars & Rogues and other blogs. He is an advisor to the Madrona Institute and co-moderates Terralist.


Who’s Degraded More: the Torture Victim or the Torturer?

Exactly what is waterboarding a prisoner 83 — or 183 — times supposed to accomplish?

Nuclear Weapons Are Not Only a Threat to Our Survival, But to Democracy Itself

Nuclear weapons and voter ignorance are a lethal mix.

At Least Being Railroaded Isn’t as Bad as Being Waterboarded

Could the charges on which former C.I.A. agent John Kiriakou are being jailed be any flimsier?

A Focal Points Roundtable: Is the Taliban Losing?

Does conventional thinking that Afghanistan will revert to the Taliban upon U.S. and NATO withdrawal need to be reexamined?

Magnitsky Act and Dima Yakovlev Bill Revive Cold War

Vladimir Putin’s pledge to improve the Russian child welfare system parallels his intention to fill the void left by not renewing Nunn-Lugar.

Is Israel Proof That an Armed Society Can Work?

The burden is on those of us who advocate gun control to prove that deterrence doesn’t work with firearms.

Is Rape in India Having Its Newtown Moment?

Rape may have reached its tipping point in India with the brutality of a recent incident.

Pakistanis Pay Price for CIA Use of Doctor as Asset in bin Laden Raid

The price for using Dr. Shakil Afridi to gain access to the Abbottabad compound was the deaths of young women and citizens left unvaccinated.

Maybe David Brooks Could Teach Gen. Petraeus and the Kagans a Thing or Two About Humility

Gen. Petraeus allowed unprecedented access to conservative Washington think tankers.

Does Pakistan’s National Pride Hinge on India Considering It a Threat?

Pakistan’s perceived need for nuclear weapons may be vastly overstated.

U.S. Guilt Over Rwanda Will Only Lead to More Guilt

The Obama administration is giving Rwanda President Kagame a pass on enabling violence in the Congo.

Y-12 Activists May Be Barred From Bringing up the Morality of Nukes at Their Trial

Federal prosecutors seek to remove justification for the existence of nuclear weapons from the trial of the Transform Now Plowshares Three.

Nuclear Weapons Laboratories National in Name Only

In fact, corporations not only manage them, but increasingly determine their agendas.

Burma’s Buddhists Determined to De-romanticize Buddhism for West

Burma — from its president to its Nobel laureate — has failed to address Buddhist violence in its Rakhine state against Muslim Rohingyas.

Theft Is Not the Only Threat Militants Pose to Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons

Extremist Islamist militants also sow confusion about the intentions of the Pakistani state and military.

Afghan Military Killings of American Troops Underscores Absurdity of Our Afghan Adventure

Nothing is sadder than dying at the hands of those you’re sworn to protect.

Iron Dome’s Effectiveness Is Not an Argument for Missile Defense

It’s one thing to intercept a Hamas rocket, another to shoot down an inter-continental ballistic missile.

U.S. Using Bad Info for Drone Strikes Like It Did for Detainees

Just as it did in Afghanistan and Iraq, the CIA and U.S. military act on bad intel when designating targets for drone attacks.

Leveraging Operation Pillar of Defense Into an Attack on Iran

The Netanyahu administration stands poised to use Iran’s real or imagined influence over Hamas, as well as Iron Dome’s effectiveness, as justification for attacking Iran.

Jabari Assassination Brought Hamas Negotiations to Premature End

Israeli last to know that his negotiations with Ahmed Jabari were as doomed as the man.