The US has been at war in the Middle East for 28 years, starting with Operation Desert Storm in Iraq, then into Afghanistan, Syria, and now we are learning of military bases, operations, and troops in African nations

As we who call ourselves progressives or leftists grapple with a growing military industrial complex, where, in this fight for peace does the black radical tradition of antiwar resistance fit?

Joining The Real News Network to talk about this and what global militarism means to black people domestically and abroad are guests, Netfa Freeman and Vanessa Beck. Netfa is on the Coordinating Committee for the Black Alliance for Peace, he is also an organizer for Pan-African Community Action (PACA). Vanessa is a member of the Black Alliance for Peace Research Committee and is on the Steering Committee for Health Over Profit for Everyone (HOPE).

A full transcript of this interview is available at The Real News Network.

Netfa Freeman is an analyst and event coordinator at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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