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When the press and media of the so-called Western world adjust their depiction of a nation they had formally demonized to one worthy of cooperation we should pause for a more critical analysis.

When it comes to capitalist and white supremacist portrayals of African countries Zimbabwe is no different. It is never about the details or the context and all about the optics and the propaganda. From news outlets like Reuters and across the US and European press in general, the message is: Mugabe out — White Farmers back in, and the poor blacks with bad teeth dance and celebrate the return of the white saviors. Irrespective of the real details behind a given story, the fact that such images are broadcast around the world is a blow against Africans/Black people at home and abroad. The media of white supremacy is a beast. Just as dangerous is the capitalist agenda at the back end maneuvering to neo-colonize Zimbabwe and appropriate its labor and land.

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Netfa Freeman is an analyst and events coordinator at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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