Matias Ramos is the 2011 Carol Jean and Edward F. Newman Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. He works in the Institute’s communications department, identifying and maximizing opportunities to build online audiences.

Prior to joining IPS, Matias had fellowships at the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education and the National Immigration Law Center. In addition, he is a co-founder of United We Dream, a national immigrant youth advocacy network. He studied Political Science at UCLA, where he was involved in the publication of “Underground Undergrads: UCLA Undocumented Immigrant Students Speak Out.”


El Salvador – When The Seeds Of Resistance Bloom

On 30th March 2017 legislators in El Salvador approved a blanket ban on all metal mining activities in the country – the first country in the world to do so.

Phyllis Bennis on Democracy Now!: “Israel More Isolated than Hamas”

Phyllis Bennis discusses the Israeli attack on Gaza.

HuffPost Live: Is Libya better off now?

Despite the recent killing of Amb. Stevens and unrest in Libya, President Obama defended intervention in Libya in his UNGA speech Tuesday. Phyllis Bennis participated in this discussion on the Huffington Post’s new live channel.

Phyllis Bennis Appears on MSNBC’s ‘Up with Chris Hayes’

The director of our New Internationalism Project invited to speak after a week that saw uprisings in the Middle East and left one U.S. ambassador dead.

IPS Salutes a Golf Win

The end of Augusta’s men-only membership marked a victory for IPS associate fellow Martha Burk.

The 800,000 Government Jobs Republicans Won’t Cut

Dick Cheney and House Republicans claim military spending cuts will hurt the country, but most of the pain will be in military contractors’ pockets.

Obama’s DREAM Gambit

With this new immigration policy, Obama is galvanizing his reelection prospects and potentially boosting support for many Democratic congressional candidates in November.

Democracy Now! Debate: Should NATO Exist?

IPS expert Phyllis Bennis argues we need to prioritize fully diplomatic options before resorting to a military hammer such as NATO.

The One Percent Deports Itself

While millions await for an opportunity to adjust their U.S. immigration status, wealthy U.S. expatriates renounce their citizenship to dodge taxes.

PHOTO: Human Rights Activism in Bahrain

An anti-government protester flashes a victory sign in front of riot police during an anti-government rally demanding the release of human rights activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, in Manama, Bahrain.

CEO Pay on Morning Joe

Political commentators on MSNBC’s morning news talk show agreed that the forty-year trend of rising executive compensation is “obscene” and that Citigroup shareholders have a right to be upset.

Lannan Lecture: Phyllis Bennis on Cultural Freedom

In New Mexico, Bennis told the Lannan In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom series why the bloated military budget represents an atrocious investment for our society.

The ‘Buffet’ Rule’: Winning the Debate but Losing the Vote

Chuck Collins, author of the newly released “99 to 1: How Wealth Inequality Is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It” weighs in on the U.S. News & World Report debate over a potential new tax for top-earners.

Taxation without Representation

Undocumented immigrants consistently contribute to the government’s coffers through payroll, sales, property, and income taxes.

Is Now the Time for Countries to Legalize Street Drugs?

In the last edition of the Latin American Advisor, Sanho Tree lent his opinion to the ongoing hemispheric debate over drug legalization.

Today Is A Good Day To Break Up with Your Mega Bank

Ordinary citizens are making their voices heard by moving millions of dollars out of the big banks’ coffers.

Bill Moyers Leans on IPS Work to Ask: “Who Shipwrecked Our Economy?”

Sam Pizzigati’s Too Much newsletter highlighted by long-standing commentator.

Budget Committee Testimony: Assessing Inequality

The Senate Budget Committee held a hearing on Assessing Inequality, Mobility, and Opportunity, with the participation of Sarah Anderson, Director of our Global Economy Project.

So Long, Rick Perry

Mediocre polling numbers in South Carolina – following lousy showings in Iowa and New Hampshire – finally convinced Texas Governor Rick Perry to drop out of the GOP presidential race.

Happy New Year, Nigeria: Now Say Good-Bye to Your Safety Net

Aided by global financial giants, the government of Nigeria welcomes the new year by destroying the safety net for thousands of Nigerians.

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