Matias Ramos is the 2011 Carol Jean and Edward F. Newman Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. He works in the Institute’s communications department, identifying and maximizing opportunities to build online audiences.

Prior to joining IPS, Matias had fellowships at the UCLA Center for Labor Research and Education and the National Immigration Law Center. In addition, he is a co-founder of United We Dream, a national immigrant youth advocacy network. He studied Political Science at UCLA, where he was involved in the publication of “Underground Undergrads: UCLA Undocumented Immigrant Students Speak Out.”


Why Washington Should Be Like Chicago and Stand Up to ICE

ICE detainers can trap local residents who clearly do not deserve to sit around in jail waiting for an immigration hearing.

ICE Records Don’t Match Deportation Claims

The immigration enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security has serious issues getting its legal records to match their prosecutorial actions.

Occupy Mayors: Where do They Stand?

These mayors have a decision to make about who they stand with: The 1% or the 99%.

The GOP’s Empty Rhetoric on Obama’s Immigration Record

This administration is deporting immigrants at a record pace.

Troubled Soldiers and Harmful Projects: Ten Years in Afghanistan

While a Pew study shows that a third of U.S. soldiers felt that neither Iraq or Afghanistan were worth the effort, a pipeline project might ensure continued U.S. presence in the area.

The Undocumented Poet

A fellow UCLA DREAMer joins our special screening of Nostalgia for the Light this Thursday.

MIA: Obama’s New Common-Sense Immigration Policy

I learned the hard way that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) field offices are actually becoming even more ruthless than before.

Press Conference Call: Electronic Shackles, Obama Administration Continues DREAMer’s Deportation Process

Matias Ramos, social media coordinator here at IPS, went public with his undocumented immigrant status to support the DREAM Act as an undocumented student. He has now been fitted with electronic ankle monitor and told he has to leave the country in early October. This is an example of the Obama Administration’s failure to close low-priority deportation cases. Hear from him on a conference call tomorrow, 11:30 AM EST.

Sen. Durbin Floor Speech on IPS CEO Pay Report [VIDEO]

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Senate Majority Whip, spoke about the IPS Executive Excess report during a floor speech about how corporate accountability can help the U.S. overcome the current economic crisis.

Obama Announces Deportation Policy Reform

The Obama administration announced today that it will review the deportation cases of more than 300,000 undocumented immigrants.

Diplomas vs. Deportation

Maryland is one of a handful of states helping young undocumented immigrants obtain a college education.

Dragnet Nation

In its quest to take the over-reaching Secure Communities nationwide, the Obama administration is making it mandatory.

White House Cornered by Its Own Immigration Enforcement Record

Faced with a moral call to action, Obama responds with a tired political message.

Driving Immigrants Underground

The worst way to make the immigration debate more constructive and more likely to lead to a rational shift in national policy is to dwell on issues like driver’s licenses.

Cut Nine Military Programs, Save $77 Billion

The budget debate opens door for long-needed cuts to military spending.

The Obama Administration’s Attack on Immigrants’ Civil Liberties Hits a Judicial Roadblock

A federal judge says immigration enforcers misled the general public about fingerprinting program.

New National Movement to Build Justice Across Generations [VIDEO]

As America’s “age wave” begins this year – with one American turning 65 every eight seconds – Caring Across Generations seeks to transform long-term care in the United States.

Fukushima Aftermath: New U.S. Senate Proposal For Spent Fuel Storage

Will bipartisan collaboration in nuclear storage be possible? The damage of Fukushima should prompt the Senate to act.

A Coming out Party for Jose Antonio Vargas

Jose Antonio Vargas’ announcement of his undocumented immigration status shines light on his entrapment within the system.

Need a Quick and Thoughtless Response to Any Public Policy Issue in Arizona? Blame Immigrants.

Sen. John McCain’s recent statements suggest that he doesn’t want to have a rational debate on immigration policy.

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