Manuel Pérez-Rocha is an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington and an Associate of the Transnational Institute (TNI) in Amsterdam. He is a Mexican national who has led efforts to promote just and sustainable alternative approaches to trade and investment agreements for two decades. Prior to working for IPS’ Global Economy Program, he worked with the Mexican Action Network on Free Trade (RMALC) and continues to be a member of that coalition’s executive committee. He also worked for the Make Trade Fair campaign of Oxfam International.

Manuel studied International Relations at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), has a diploma on European Studies from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) and holds a M.A. on Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague, Netherlands. Some of his last publications include op-eds in The Nation and The New York Times.


Mining for Profits in International Tribunals – Updated

How transnational corporations use trade and investment treaties as powerful tools in disputes over oil, mining, and gas. / Como las empresas mineras transnacionales utilizan las reglas de los acuerdos de inversión y de comercio como poderosos instrumentos a su favor en las disputas por el petróleo, la minería y el gas.

NAFTA at 20: The New Spin

Nearly 20 years since NAFTA went into effect, its empty promises have been laid bare for the people of Mexico.

Facing the Threat of the Trans-Pacific Treaty

Damage from 20 years of NAFTA shows us why latest trade deal must be stopped. Free trade creates rich people, poor communities.

Canada Should Tell Mining Firm to Stop Bullying El Salvador

Re-posted with permission from Embassy Magazine: Vancouver-based mining company Pacific Rim is butting heads with the government of El Salvador.

An Appeal to Canada to Stand with El Salvador, the First Nation to Halt Gold Mining

Representatives from IPS and other environmental and public policy organizations hold meeting at Canadian Embassy to say, “Tell Pacific Rim to stop bullying El Salvador.”

Don’t Expand NAFTA

The United States is leading the way to another corporate-friendly free-trade agreement, and it’s bringing its NAFTA partners along for the ride.

Mexico’s Track Record: A Cautionary Tale for the G-20

As Mexico becomes the G-20 chair for 2012, its embrace of a neoliberal agenda of deregulation and privatization show a poor track record on all the group’s goals.

Obama and North American Counterparts Keep it Low Profile at Today’s Three Amigos Summit

Experts available to discuss the failed promises of Obama’s policies towards Canada and Mexico.

More than 100 Economists Call for Trans-Pacific Trade Deal to Allow Capital Controls to Prevent Crises

In advance of Trans-Pacific trade talks, over 100 economists are sending a letter today urging negotiators to promote global financial stability by allowing the use of capital controls.

VIDEO: World Bank Protest, Pacific Rim v. El Salvador

On December 15, 2011, a number of civil society groups came together to oppose the World Bank tribunal that is deciding the case Pacific Rim v. El Salvador, a case that may set a precedent for future tribunals and chart a devastating course for El Salvador.

Eight Fearless Mexicans

These movement leaders, artists, grass roots organizers, labor leaders, and clergy people are working in the front trenches of the struggle for human rights.

Open Letter to World Bank Officials on Pacific Rim-El Salvador Case

Pacific Rim is suing El Salvador for up to hundreds of millions of dollars under the U.S.-Central America Free Trade Agreement for not approving a mining license. Since Canada isn’t part of this agreement, Pacific Rim opened a subsidiary in Reno, Nevada.

Mining for Profits in International Tribunals

Corporate lawsuits against governments over resource rights continue to increase.

G20: Confusion Over the Characterization of the Current Crisis

This article is part of the presentations for the seminar “RMALC: 20 years resisting and building alternatives to free trade.” A summary in English is followed by the original Spanish version, including hyperlinks.

Shutdown The War Grant To Mexico That Has Cost $1.5 Billion; Save $600 Million!

The governments of the United States and Mexico are using large budget expenses to entangle us in the corrupt politics of arms deals.

Obama in Latin America: Another Missed Opportunity

What might have been a high-profile trip heralding a new U.S. partnership with Latin America based on equity and mutual interests turned out to confirm the same old top-down approach to north-south relations.

Mexico’s Hot Money Challenge

NAFTA undercuts Mexico’s ability to control a sudden influx of volatile financial investment.

Global Solidarity is on the Rise for Mexican Workers Too

Like Egyptians, Mexicans need international solidarity to help move to a real democracy.

We Need to Rethink, Not Rearm NAFTA

While Canada and the US get ready to move bilaterally to beef up border security, we wonder who benefits from the proposed “security perimeter.”

Deal on U.S.-Korea Trade Would Expand Excessive Investor Protections

The White House’s proposed U.S.-Korea trade deal would expand corporations’ rights to bypass public interest regulations.