Javier Rojo was the New Mexico Fellow at the institute for Policy Studies. He recently completed his undergraduate degree at University of New Mexico where he studied Economics, Philosophy and Statistics. As a student, he conducted research on Mexico’s drug war and co-founded the Latin America Sustainability Association.

Prior to joining IPS, Javier was part of Enlace Communitario an organization that works to eliminate domestic violence in the Latino immigrant community and promote immigrant rights.


Platinum-Plated Pensions

In the current budget debate, the loudest calls for Social Security cuts are coming from two lobby groups led by CEOs who will never have to worry about their own retirement security.

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A new report looks at pro-austerity CEOs who seek to widen tax haven loopholes.

Right-Wing Think Tank’s Racist Report Distorts Prospects for Immigrants’ Future

A study by the Heritage Foundation maintained that Hispanic immigrants are deficient in I.Q. and thus disposed to rely on “government handouts.”

“Fix the Debt” CEOs Enjoy Taxpayer-Subsidized Pay

A new report by IPS and Campaign for America’s Future shows that America’s top CEOs are pocketing massive taxpayer subsidies at the same time they’re pushing austerity cutbacks in government programs that benefit ordinary citizens.

Build a Nation, Not a Fence

We need an audacious immigration proposal that puts people before politics, and that means a concrete, expedient pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers.

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A Plateful of Justice

The people who wash your dishes and the folks who cook and serve your food deserve better.

NAFTA at 20: The New Spin

Nearly 20 years since NAFTA went into effect, its empty promises have been laid bare for the people of Mexico.

In El Salvador, a Rose in the Concrete

Last March, two rival gangs met in a Salvadoran prison to forge an unlikely truce.

Salvadoran Gang Leaders Achieve a Measure of Redemption

Last March, two rival gangs met in a Salvadoran prison to forge an unlikely truce.

Latinos’ One-Sided Love Affair with Obama

Obama overwhelmingly won the Latino vote despite his lackluster immigration record.