Manuel Pérez-Rocha is an Associate Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington and an Associate of the Transnational Institute (TNI) in Amsterdam. He is a Mexican national who has led efforts to promote just and sustainable alternative approaches to trade and investment agreements for two decades. Prior to working for IPS’ Global Economy Program, he worked with the Mexican Action Network on Free Trade (RMALC) and continues to be a member of that coalition’s executive committee. He also worked for the Make Trade Fair campaign of Oxfam International.

Manuel studied International Relations at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), has a diploma on European Studies from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) and holds a M.A. on Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague, Netherlands. Some of his last publications include op-eds in The Nation and The New York Times.


Mining, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Conflict: OceanaGold and the El Dorado Foundation in El Salvador

This study finds that OceanaGold’s attempt to rebrand its proposed gold mine in El Salvador through the use of a company-sponsored foundation at the local level is deceitful, disrespectful and dangerous

The Moral Case Against the TPP

 The TPP doesn’t just put jobs at risk. It rewrites the rules of business for big corporations—just ask Pope Francis.

Standing Before Congress, Pope Francis Calls Out the ‘Industry of Death’

In his speech to U.S. lawmakers, the “People’s pope” condemned the arms trade, war profiteering, and even the war on terror itself.

Peoples Sovereignty vs. Impunity Inc.: Counterpower and Struggles for Justice

A new book from the Transnational Institute (TNI) includes the article “The Pacific Rim – Oceana Gold Case against El Salvador; impunity and violations of human rights, democracy and human rights”, written by IPS Associate Fellow Manuel Perez-Rocha

Infographic: Lessons from NAFTA for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Two decades of high costs for Mexico’s agriculture, economy, families, and environment

TTIP – Why the World Should Beware

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a comprehensive free trade
and investment treaty currently being negotiated – practically in secret – between the
European Union and the United States of America.

Manuel Pérez-Rocha discusses upcoming Summit of the Americas

Program host Jorge Gestoso interviews Manuel Pérez-Rocha about the current state of US-Latin American relations in light of the upcoming Summit of the Americas, slated later this week in Panama City.

From Gold Country to the Golden Triangle

Hundreds denounced a secret tribunal housed at the World Bank that is getting ready to rule on a case that could determine the future of El Salvador’s water supply.

What ‘Free Trade’ Has Done to Central America

Warnings about the human and environmental costs of “free trade” went unheeded. Now the most vulnerable Central Americans are paying the price.

When Corporations Sue Governments

As the T.T.I.P. and T.P.P. negotiations continue, Pacific Rim vs. El Salvador should remind us not to privilege foreign investors to the detriment of the national — or global — good.

How Will the GOP-Controlled Senate Affect Trade Deals?

The new Republican majority could complicate Obama’s efforts to move forward on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

Congressional Briefing: Economic Underpinnings of Migration in the Americas

Manuel Pérez-Rocha speaks on the negative impacts of free trade agreements.

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Critics of EU-US Trade Negotiations Voice Concerns During “Stakeholder” Event in Chevy Chase

Critics of EU-US Trade Negotiations Voice Concerns During “Stakeholder” Event in Chevy Chase

Challenging the Corporate Trade and Investment Agenda in Europe

At a time of multiple environmental and social crises and an unprecedented expansion in the power of transnational corporations (TNCs), it has never been more urgent to exert social controls over such powerful institutions.

A Call for the Building of an Alternative Legal Framework to the International Investment Treaties: favoring the Public Interest while doing away with Transnational Corporate Impunity

An analysis of the international investment agreements’ regime, a series of proposed principles for the construction of alternative frameworks for international investment and a call for the discussion and construction of a basic common agenda.

International Coalition Supports El Salvador in Battle Against Canadian Mining Company

Some 300 groups urge World Bank to reject lawsuit that would devastate nation’s water

Debunking Eight Falsehoods by Pacific Rim Mining / OceanaGold in El Salvador

A new study debunks eight falsehoods the mining corporation OceanaGold has used to try to justify mining in El Salvador and undermine public debate and policymaking.

New Study Debunks Mining Company “Falsehoods” Regarding El Salvador

A new study debunks eight falsehoods the mining corporation OceanaGold has used to try to justify mining in El Salvador and undermine public debate and policymaking.

Declaration of the G20 Counter-Summit

Five years after the financial meltdown, the G20 continues promoting failed neoliberal policies that are condemning the world to a vicious cycle of crisis and environmental collapse.

NAFTA Pushes Many Mexicans to Migrate

Mexicans have little to celebrate as NAFTA turns 20 years old in 2014 – the destruction caused by the agreement continues to push many Mexicans to migrate to try to make a living.