John Gershman is a Clinical Associate Professor of Public Service, Associate Director of NYU’s Global MPH Program, and Director of Undergraduate Programs at Wagner. Previously he was the Director of the Global Affairs Program at the International Relations Center and the Co-Director of Foreign Policy In Focus.


"Doing Windows" in Iraq

Had Marla Ruzicka not died, she would be busy visiting survivors of the fifty people found dead in the Tigris River.

Ephemeral Ethics

The level of trust in the U.S. military seems to have crashed–big time.

The Dragon & the Chrysanthemum

If you want to understand the antagonism between Beijing and Tokyo, you have to start in Washington and, in particular, Washington State.

After the Debacle and Before the Storm

The unequivocal French rejection of the new European Constitution anticipates the turbulence ahead in much of Europe.

Syria’s Baath Party Congress a Watershed for President Asad

In the run-up to the June 6 Baath Party Congress, Syrian President Bashar al-Asad is torn by competing forces.

South Korea and the United States Sixty Years On

September 8, 2005 marks the sixtieth anniversary of the arrival of U.S. soldiers on the Korean peninsula to accept the surrender of Japanese forces.

Fuelling Mistrust Between Iran and the United States

The strong criticisms of Iran’s domestic politics that have been expressed by the President and his spokesmen are being beamed into Iran more vigorously than ever before.

New Syria Acts, Looks Like Old Syria

The recently concluded Tenth Regional Congress of the Syrian Baath Party marks a watershed in the presidency of Bashar al-Asad.

Torture Convention Needs Refining

The torture scandal rocking the U.S. and British militaries in the “war on terror” is shocking because of the serious breaches of international law involved.

A Story of Leaders, Partners, and Clients

The U.S.-China-India triangle.

Uses of Ambiguity in North Korea Agreement

Next steps on North Korea.

A Plan for the Post-Conflict Reconstruction of Nepal

Clearly the time to think about negotiations and reconstruction in Nepal is before the shooting stops.

Feeding the Nuclear Fire

The costs of the Indian-U.S. nuclear deal to India.

Afghanistans Parliamentary Elections

Will the parliamentary elections deepen democracy in Afghanistan?

Why Progressives Must Embrace the Ukrainian Pro-Democracy Movement

Some elements of the American left have committed a grievous error, both morally and strategically, in their failure to enthusiastically support the momentous pro-democracy movement in the Ukraine.

Hurricane Katrina and the War in Iraq

Hurricane Katrina reveals distorted security priorties and additional costs of the occupation of Iraq.

Iraq’s Neoliberal Constitution

The Bush administration’s shaping of the new Iraqi constitution.

Opportunities, Risks, and the Issue of Taiwan

Contradictions in U.S.-China relations and a way forward.

August Around the World

An overview of recent developments in global security.

Bombings and Repression in Egypt Underscore Failures in U.S. Anti-Terrorism Strategy

Bombings in Egypt expose weaknesses in U.S. counterterrorism policies.

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