John Gershman is a Clinical Associate Professor of Public Service, Associate Director of NYU’s Global MPH Program, and Director of Undergraduate Programs at Wagner. Previously he was the Director of the Global Affairs Program at the International Relations Center and the Co-Director of Foreign Policy In Focus.


Talking Points on Recent Concerns Raised by Bush Administration Officials Regarding Syria

The Bush administration claims against Syria’s involvement in Iraq are off-base.

Africa Policy Outlook 2003

In 2003 U.S. policy toward Africa will be driven almost exclusively by geopolitical considerations related to Washington’s war plans against Iraq, and by its geostrategic interests in African oil.

Thabo Mbeki’s New Partnership for Africa’s Development: Breaking or Shining the Chains of Global Apartheid?

This essay considers Thabo Mbeki’s analysis of globalization, his strategy and demands for global-scale and continental socioeconomic progress, and his preferred alliances.

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