Empire Roundtable

We asked FPIF’s senior analysts to weigh in on the future course of American foreign policy: maintenance of empire or its rejection?

Warring on Warriors

The war in Afghanistan is taking its toll on the hearts and minds of civilians and soldiers.

Base-less Strategy

Ironically, the question of whether U.S. bases being built in Iraq should be, or clearly already are, permanent, is more of a U.S. domestic controversy than an issue between the United States and Iraq.

Bush at the Pentagon

Why is the president still giving victory speeches about the Iraq War?


Bhutto’s assassination seems all too familiar, given the large number of murdered third-world leaders, while the possible repercussions of her death may come as a surprise.

Paying for the Wars’ Wounded

Veterans’ health care bills are bound to soar thanks to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the government doesn’t appear to be paying attention.

A Welcome Page in the Newspaper

An informed public is the best safeguard for maintaining both our security and our freedoms.

Why Saudi Arabia? Why Now?

Read the back story on why the administration thinks this deal makes sense.

Iraq: Finding the Diamonds?

The Bush administration is looking for signs of hope in Iraq. But it’s coming up against the reality of resistance.

Counting Troops in Iraq

Congress is finally talking withdrawal but no one is talking about how many U.S. troops will remain in Iraq.

Putting the President in His Place

Congress can scale back the imperial presidency by acting now on Iraq and signing statements.

Showdown at the Baghdad Corral

After more than four years, President Bush may be about to get what he has been hoping for: a clear reading on the Iraq situation that is free of U.S. politics.

Iraq Surge Is a Slippery Slope

A White House “surge” in integrity would help Iraq far more than increasing the number troops.

Habeas That Corpus

The civil and political rights guaranteed in the Constitution to citizens and others who are in the United States are under attack.

Annotate This: John McCain at VMI

The presidential contender defends the surge with a speech that FPIF’s military analyst Dan Smith puts under the magnifying glass.

The Sins of Walter Reed

The appalling treatment of veterans at Walter Reed hospital can’t be resolved simply by rehabbing a few buildings and firing a few officials.

The Self-Destructive Logic of War

The toxicity of war is increasing to such a degree that combat is becoming self-defeating.

Bush Skimps on Communal Rights and Responsibilities

The president’s shift in Iraq will be a “climb-down” disguised as a “step forward.”

Bush to Iraq: More War

With no victory in sight in Iraq, the Bush administration is casting around for another magic word to obscure its dismal policies.

Dude, Where Are My Rights?

The Bush administration has launched Round Two of its assault on the Constitution. Now it’s habeas corpus in the crosshairs.

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