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Poison Gas and Arabian Tales

Allegations of sarin use by the Syrian government are bedeviled by chain-of-custody issues.

Syria and the Monarchs: A Perfect Storm

Obama’s decision to arm the Syrian rebels will likely escalate the conflict and torpedo any possibility for a political solution.

Afghanistan: Is It Really the End Game?

There is no reason to continue the bloodshed in Afghanistan, which all the parties recognize will not alter the final outcome a whit.

Breaking Out the Bush Playbook on Korea

In the current crisis on the Korean peninsula, the Obama administration is virtually repeating the 2004 Bush playbook.

Syria: Chess Match Turned Free-for-All

Establishing a pro-Western government in Damascus and inflicting damage on Iran is an illusion.

Is Egypt Being Primed for a Coup?

President Morsi is caught between the IMF, with its demand for austerity measures, and protestors.

Chavez: Lest We Forget

Comparing Hugo Chavez’s accomplishments to his U.S. obits was like taking a trip through Alice’s looking glass.

Italy’s Election: Lighting the Lamp

After years of brutal austerity, collapsing economies, widespread unemployment, and shredding of the social safety net, Italians said “basta!” Enough!

The Sunset of the “Celtic Tiger” Led to the Dawn of the “Horsewich”

The implosion of the Irish real estate bubble, as well as gutted inspection regimes, begat the Great Horsemeat Crisis.

Israel Sees Syrian Civil War as Blow to “Iran-Hezbollah Axis”

There is no evidence that Israel’s attack on Syria was designed to, as claimed, prevent the transfer of anti-aircraft missiles to Hezbollah.

Four More Years: Europe’s Meltdown

Why is the Obama administration pressing Europeans to increase military spending? And what should it matter to Washington if Britain remains in the EU?

Mali, France, and Chickens

As in: come home to roost.

Militarizing Latin America: Four More Years

Washington should recognize that Latin America is experimenting with new political and economic models to reduce the region’s traditional poverty and inequality.

Conn Hallinan’s 2012 “Are You Serious?” Awards

Each year Conn Hallinan awards news stories and newsmakers that fall under the category of “Are you serious?”

Four More Years: The Asia Pivot

The Pacific is no one’s “lake,” but an ocean vast enough for all.

The U.S. and Central & South Asia: Four More Years

Just because the cliche that Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires is repeated ad nauseam doesn’t mean it’s not true.

The U.S. and Africa: The Next Four Years

Africa is wealthy in oil, gas, iron, aluminum and rare metals.

The U.S. and the Middle East: The Next Four Years

To begin with, the United States should drop the demand for regime change in Syria.

Turkey Haunted by Hubris

Set to be a regional leader just two years ago, Turkey is now beset by problems with neighbors and other regional powers. What happened?

Japan’s Right Seeks to Leverage Islands Dispute With China Into a Nuclear-Arms Program

Some among Japan’s ruling elite seek to rid the country of its “nuclear allergy.”

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