IPS associate fellow Janet Redman is the former director of the Climate Policy Program. For more than a decade, her work has supported the transition from an extractive, fossil fueled economy to equitable, democratic and local living economies. To that end, Janet uses research, writing and strategic conversations to develop bold ideas in domestic and international policy spaces that redefine what is politically possible. She also practices nurturing deep relationships with grassroots organizations and networks in the global South and North is necessary to align policy advocacy with the goals of social, economics and environmental justice movements. Janet is currently the U.S. Policy Director at Oil Change International and serves on the board of directors of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives.

Janet holds a Master’s Degree from Clark University in International Development and Social Change, where she focused her graduate research on regional trade integration and social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont.


G20 Missed Its Chance to Take Action on Climate Change

This week leaders of the world’s largest economies once again missed an opportunity to actually do something on climate change.

Obama: If You Can’t Lead Then Get Out of the Way

Major U.S. environment, development and faith groups call on President Obama not to block European countries’ progress toward a financial speculation tax at the G-20 Summit.

I Was Arrested Today at the White House to Say No to Dirty Energy and the Tar Sands

“Today I’m risking arrest to urge president Obama to be the leader that puts healing the planet and families over the interests of the fossil fuel industry.”

Tar Sands Pipeline Goes Beyond Even the Usual Environmental Stupidity — And That’s Why We Really Need to Fight Back

Here’s three reasons why the pipeline is truly idiotic and why I’m willing to get arrested to stop it.

Connecting Extreme Weather Dots Across the Map

Talking about the weather isn’t small talk any more.

A Small Tax on Finance, A Giant Leap Forward for the Climate Fund

Climate activists turned up the heat on government officials attending the UN climate talks, calling for a tiny tax on financial speculation to help pay for the fight against global warming.

Bonn Climate Talks

United Nations climate negotiations have resumed, this time in Germany.

Washington Should Lead on Climate or Stop Standing in the Way

Over the next two weeks, representatives from 194 nations will meet in Bonn, Germany, to push forward a deal to stabilize the global climate and help poor countries address the inevitable changes that global warming brings.

World Bank Horning Its Way Into UN Fund for Helping Poor Nations Deal With Climate Change

The UN Cancun climate talks established the groundwork for the Green Climate Fund to help poor nations address climate change.

World Bank Doesn’t Belong at the Green Climate Fund’s Drawing Table

More than 90 environment, development, human rights, and anti-debt organizations from around the world want the Bank to have no say in setting up this key new tool for helping poor nations address climate change.

Global Civil Society Wary of World Bank Role in New Funds

More than 90 organizations and global networks urge leaders to strictly limit the role and influence of the World Bank in designing a new Green Climate Fund.

Activists in More than 20 Countries Urge G20 Leaders to Tax Speculators

IPS Global Economy and climate experts are available for comment.

U.S. Groups Join Global Call to Tax Speculators

Over 30 national organizations signed this letter urging President Obama to take action at home and abroad to stop rampant financial speculation.

Taxing Financial Speculation, Raising Funds for Critical Needs

Levying a tiny tax on financial transactions could help build a healthier and more stable future.

Investing in Our Future Act of 2011

Climate change and the lack of health care services in developing countries are urgent and under-funded crises threatening the livelihoods and security of billions of people.

Financial Transaction Taxes: A win-win for the climate and the economy

In the face of enormous need, civil society calls on leaders to use innovative financing tools in the fight against climate change.

Our Slow-Motion Global Accident

Industry simply doesn’t have an incentive to kick its fossil fuel habit.

Cancun: Can We Avert Climate Chaos?

Arm twisting and back-room pressure tactics will backfire.

Cancun: More Exclusion of Civil Society, More Bad News from Governments

Things are not looking good in the UN climate talks, but all hope isn’t lost…yet.

Shielding Climate Talks from Public Scrutiny

The Mexican government and the UN climate convention secretariat are investing in security to keep people out when real human and ecological security will require all of our voices.

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