IPS associate fellow Janet Redman is the former director of the Climate Policy Program. For more than a decade, her work has supported the transition from an extractive, fossil fueled economy to equitable, democratic and local living economies. To that end, Janet uses research, writing and strategic conversations to develop bold ideas in domestic and international policy spaces that redefine what is politically possible. She also practices nurturing deep relationships with grassroots organizations and networks in the global South and North is necessary to align policy advocacy with the goals of social, economics and environmental justice movements. Janet is currently the U.S. Policy Director at Oil Change International and serves on the board of directors of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives.

Janet holds a Master’s Degree from Clark University in International Development and Social Change, where she focused her graduate research on regional trade integration and social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont.


IPS Response to Supreme Court Stay of Clean Power Plan

Janet Redman, IPS’s Climate Policy Director, responds to the Supreme Court ruling.

Betting the Farm on Free Trade

The White House is gambling with our health, jobs, and the environment by embracing the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In the Keystone Suit, It’s Big Oil vs. Democracy

A Canadian oil conglomerate is suing the U.S. over its actions to protect the climate. It’s a small taste of what could come under the TPP.

European Leaders Remain Committed to Financial Transaction Tax, Could Raise Billions for Climate Action

A coalition of ten European countries moved forward with a proposal to implement a tiny tax on financial transactions at today’s Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) meeting in Brussels.

Climate Protesters Defy State of Emergency in Paris

IPS’s Janet Redman reports from Paris on the challenges presented to world leaders by COP21

U.S. NGO letter to President Obama on Climate Negotiations in Paris

A letter from environmental, social justice, faith, consumer and partner organizations.

Gates Funding Welcome, but No Substitute for Finance Commitments in Paris Climate Agreement

Experts from the Institute for Policy Studies available for interview from the Paris negotiations from November 30th through December 12th.

Will the Paris Climate Talks Deliver the World We Need? Not Likely.

Even as governments set climate targets, they’re working hard to expand the extractive global economy with measures that could deepen the climate crisis.

Walking the Talk?

World Bank Energy-Related Policies and Financing, 2000-2004 to 2010-2014

Getting Climate Finance Right

Successful Examples for the Green Climate Fund from around the World


IPS Expert Available for Comment on Pope Francis’ Climate Encyclical

5 Key Things Pope Francis Says about Climate Change

Here are five key quotes from the encyclical that will shake up the global climate debate.

An Open Letter to Obama: If You Want Money for the Climate, Tax Wall Street

An innovative new tax could fund climate transition and help rebuild the social safety net. So why is the White House knocking it?

Why Obama’s Climate Change Proposal Falls Short

Emission targets proposed by the Obama administration are insufficient to avoid the worst consequences of climate change.

Climate Marchers to Global Leaders: No Dirty Energy ​​in the Green Climate Fund​​

As world leaders prepared to announce their actions on climate yesterday, thousands of people flooded the streets of New York City calling for wealthy nations to put money into the Green Climate Fund and demanding that none of it goes to finance dirty energy.

While We March for the Climate, Governments Meet with Polluters

As climate activists converge on New York, world leaders will meet behind closed doors with corporate honchos who bank on fossil fuels.

Robin Hood Tax rally to kick off People’s Climate March

Tax on Wall Street key to funding climate solutions

WEBINAR: The People’s Climate March

Janet Redman, Director of IPS’ Climate Policy Program, discusses the upcoming People’s Climate March.

EPA Moves to Cut Coal Pollution, But Critics Say Plan Falls Short on Real Emissions Reduction

Janet Redman discusses the EPA’s new regulations and their future impact on curbing climate change.

EPA’s Carbon Rule Falls Short of Real Emissions Reduction

Statement from Institute for Policy Studies Climate Policy Program Director Janet Redman and Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter

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