Common Dreams covers the National Priorities Project at IPS’s official statement on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The NPP outlined their specific demands of the United States government, including an immediate ceasefire in the region and an end to the supply of weapons and military support for Israel.

“The billions of dollars that have been proposed for Israeli military aid are needed elsewhere,” argues NPP in their statement. “Whether for international humanitarian aid or underfunded programs for U.S. residents, our resources should be supporting life, peace, and justice, not war and vengeance.”

“The suffering of Israeli civilians in the attacks of October 7 does not justify collective punishment of Palestinian civilians,” NPP stresses. “The U.S. must not support these violations of international law or of U.S. law, which prohibits funding foreign military forces engaged in human rights abuses. Instead, the U.S. should use diplomatic channels to work for an immediate cease-fire to protect civilians. It should not provide more weapons and military aid that would further inflame an unjust and illegal response.”

Read the full article at Common Dreams.

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