William A. Collins, an OtherWords columnist, is a former Connecticut State lawmaker and the former mayor of Norwalk. He founded Minuteman Media, which later became OtherWords, in 1998. 9collins[AT]sbcglobal.net


These Boots Were Made for Waiting

Delay and denial are standard operating procedures when it comes to how the government cares for vets.

Too Big to Ignore

The gap between rich and poor has grown so vast that even Fed chief Janet Yellen suggests it’s un-American.

Snooping on Everyone While the Big Box Thieves Get Busy

Congress is still dragging its feet on fixes more than a year after Edward Snowden’s alarming revelations first came to light.

Forcing an Island of Peace to Host a Billion-Dollar Military Base

Uncle Sam is wrecking a great deal of South Korea’s top tourist destination.

Bombing at a Press Conference Beats Mindlessly Flexing Military Might

The hottest conflicts raging at the moment defy easy answers.

The Class War Goes Retail

Why does Wall Street tank on news portending economic gains for most Americans?

Is the Republican Party Finally Changing Its Tune on Poverty?

Republican politicians with presidential ambitions are suddenly treating people who can’t make ends meet a priority.

Haiti’s Hard Place

Foreign-funded mining operations may not be enough to alleviate the scourges of cholera, displaced people, and corrupt leaders.

The Nuclear Industry’s Meltdown

The former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says every single reactor in the nation should be shut down, starting with the riskiest.

Unfit to Print

Suddenly, all self-respecting billionaires need to own at least one newspaper.

Just Follow the Oil

Washington’s fuss over Iran has more to do with its natural gas and oil reserves than anything else.

Muslims Aren’t Cornering the Terrorism Market

What do you call the people responsible for the disasters in Texas and Bangladesh?

Syrian Dead End

How can the United States afford to keep proving that it’s bad at bringing peace to conflict-ridden Middle Eastern countries?

Fair Elections, RIP

The Supreme Court’s Shelby ruling aids a Republican plan to win more elections without winning support from more voters.

Locking Up Our Future

The logical fix would require putting more money and effort into securing jobs, transitional housing, and drug treatment for ex-offenders.

Egging On North Korea

The saber-rattling is mutual.

Cleaning Up Our Portfolios

A new movement is putting pressure on people and institutions to dump their investments in dirty energy companies.

Our Stake in Guatemala’s Genocide Trial

Thirty years after Rios Montt’s atrocities, U.S. military policy in Latin America remains a human rights disaster.

The Pot Prohibition Runs Its Course

Now that most Americans support the legalization of marijuana, some Republicans back the right of states to stop banning it.

Under-Taxing the Rich Is Uncivilized

We all pay for those cuts down the road.

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