William A. Collins, an OtherWords columnist, is a former Connecticut State lawmaker and the former mayor of Norwalk. He founded Minuteman Media, which later became OtherWords, in 1998. 9collins[AT]sbcglobal.net


Occupy Wall Street Paved the Way

When will the really huge crowds come out to the streets?

Washington’s Democratic Double-Standard

Uncle Sam isn’t making much fuss over Latin America’s law-breaking lawmakers.

One Nation, Under the Gun

Why do so many Americans believe that to properly protect ourselves today, we need guns?

Healing Mother Nature’s Wounds

Our health is at stake.

Shameless Tax Loopholes

Sen. Lindsey Graham says tax-avoiding gimmicks are “American.”

Our Troops as Cannon Fodder

Wars of conquest are most popular if they can be made to appear tidy, safe, just, and relatively cost-free.

Our Nation’s Failing Prisons

Mere facts and logic can’t compete for influence with the money and clout of the Prison-Industrial complex.

Bilked by Banks

Wall Street’s misdeeds haven’t loomed large this election year.

The War on Drugs Is the Dumbest of Them All

We went through this exercise once before with Prohibition.

Our Press Freedom is under Fire

In its latest assessment, Reporters Without Borders ranked the United States No. 47 for media freedom.

Send in the Drones

Running the world is a lot of work.

What Medical Mistakes?

Privilege rules at U.S. hospitals and patients are at the mercy of powerful players who operate with impunity.

The State of the Military-Industrial Complex Is Strong

If weapons orders get diverted, so do campaign contributions.

Abortion Politics

Although its opposition to abortion and family planning probably won’t foment a landslide away from the Catholic Church, the steady erosion of membership is increasing.

The Pipeline from the Black Lagoon

TransCanada’s Keystone XL project is rotten.

U.S. Torturers are Still Awaiting Arrest

Prosecution is an effective cure for torture.

This Economy Stinks Worse than You Think

Too many top economic commentators are drawn from a pool of talking heads and economists who treat the welfare of corporations as a top priority.

The Poor as Collateral Damage

There are places where basic food, shelter, health care, and good schools are available to everyone, but not here.

Where We Dwell Is Changing Fast

The American homeownership rate has declined.

Energy: Too Important to Leave to Corporations

In the United States, profits rule while the environment takes a back seat.

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