If We Want the Arts in Baltimore, We Need Artists

It’s not enough to see shows and buy local art. Policy changes are needed to fully acknowledge the value that artists bring to Baltimore.

Newseum Dishonors One of Its Own: Slain Spanish Cameraman Jose Couso

Nine years after being killed by U.S. troops in Iraq, the memory of Jose Couso continues to be defamed.

Occupy the Military Industrial Complex

On April 17, thousands of people all over the world will occupy the military industrial complex as part of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending.

Do Iran’s Objections to the IAEA Report Deserve Consideration?

And how implausible are Iran’s claims that the IAEA Directorate General is politically compromised?

Spanish Court Won’t Let Cameraman Couso’s Killing at Hands of Americans Die

The U.S. embassy in Madrid was able to strong-arm the Spanish government into twice closing the Couso case, but a Spanish court has re-opened it.

Troy Davis and al-Awlaki: Two Murders, One Outrage

Despite limited evidence, the United States painted Anwar al-Awlaki as a terrorist mastermind and executed him without the trial to which he was entitled as a U.S. native.

Tengo un Dream

In the heart of San Francisco, a newly unveiled mural draws attention to the plight of two-thirds of migrant youth who are left out of the conversation on immigration reform.

The War against Witness

After eight years, the Spanish court case against three U.S. soldiers responsible for the murder of cameraman Jose Couso continues in spite of heavy U.S. pressure. But could the testimony of a former Army eavesdropper provide the final push to conviction?

The Pain in Spain

The Spanish government has been showing the world how to repress an uprising European-style.

Review: The Militarization of Indian Country

As the U.S. military wreaks havoc in faraway places around the world, a new book sheds light on the historical and continuing damage done to native peoples and their lands within the United States and its colonial holdings.

Has the Rendition Program Disappeared?

The Obama administration promised to reverse the Bush-era policies on terrorism. But the president has spent most of his time reversing himself.

Breaching the Wall through Art

The wall that divides Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories is ugly and oppressive. It is far from a work of art. But now it is the subject of art.

Responsibility to Protect Gives Way to Targeted Assassination and Regime Change in Libya

NATO is shirking “Responsibility to Protect” in favor of regime change in Libya.

Review: The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy

A new book of voices from Russia’s peace and democracy movements explodes Cold War myths about the Soviet Union’s collapse.

The Refugee Child Photographers

Photos of life in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps by children aged five through 12 give a glimpse into their hopes amid tragic surroundings.

    The War against Witness

    Counterpunch | September 20, 2011

    Breaching the Wall through Art

    The Asia Times | June 7, 2011