Obama Administration Reveals Deep Divisions on Syria Policy

While the official narrative of the Obama administration is sceptical of arming militant groups in Syria, divisions within the administration leave the door open for any number of policies toward the country.

The Attack-Syria Coalition’s Neocon Roots

Calls for U.S. intervention in Syria can be traced back to PNAC.

The Militarization of the Syrian Uprising

Has the Free Syrian Army stolen the revolution?

A Silver Lining for Palestine?

The author explores Washington’s vitriolic response to the Palestinian Authority’s plan to declare statehood.

Ford Confirmation: Too Little, Too Late

Washington’s poor response to the Arab Spring has severely damaged its ability to mediate the situation in Syria.

The Saudi Counterrevolution

The fallout from Washington’s support for the Saudi counter-revolution could haunt U.S. policy for decades to come.

Syria: Washington Just Watches

Because of decades of isolating Syria, the United States can now only watch the events unfold without having any influence on the ground.

U.S. Denies It Is Trying to Undermine Assad

As anti-government protests in Syria showed no sign of abating, the U.S. State Department Monday denied that it was seeking the regime’s ouster.

Is It Palestine’s Turn?

What do the Middle-Eastern protests mean for Palestine?

A Middle East Deja Vu

The CIA-orchestrated coup that ousted democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq is ingrained in the collective consciousness of the Middle East.

The Case for Syria

Syria continues to sit at the crossroads of a number of U.S. interests.

Apostate Politics: How Some Recanted Muslims Have Bolstered Militarist US Policies

There is a tendency among right-wing think tanks in the United States involved in Middle East policy to employ “experts” from the region to bolster their pro-war advocacy campaigns.

Review: Battles to Bridges

A new book diagnoses the problems with U.S. public diplomacy toward the Muslim world.

Review: The End of Arrogance

If Americans can no longer expect to wield unchallenged authority on the global stage, what comes next?

60-Second Expert: The Political Consequences of Stagnation

If the left doesn’t come up with a credible and comprehensive alternative to a focus on reducing the deficit, argues FPIF columnist Walden Bello, the far right might eventually fill the policy vacuum.