Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Walden Bello is a member of the House of Representatives of the Philippines and a senior analyst at the Bangkok-based research and advocacy institute Focus on the Global South.


The Hashimoto Controversy and Japan’s Failure to Come to Terms with its Past

The rise of Japan’s reactionary right suggests that the country has yet to come to terms with its actions in World War II.

Wrong Choice, Again

Pope Francis’ passivity in the face of the brutal Argentine military government fails to inspire confidence.

I’ll Miss Hugo

Hugo Chavez put an end to the reign of neoliberal IMF policies that had impoverished the masses of Latin America.

Washington Debates the Pivot to Asia

Make no mistake: the Obama administration’s “pivot to Asia” is all about containing China.

As 2012 Ends, a Turning Point on Women’s Rights

As outrage over the abuse of women rocks India, women’s rights advocates mark a historic victory in the Philippines.

Towards a Grand Climate Compromise

The climate conference in Doha is a diplomatic charade masquerading as a serious climate negotiation.

China’s Transformation: A Southeast Asian Perspective

A Southeast Asian radical looks back on China’s transformation.

America’s Dismal Choice

The final stretch of the 2012 campaign has turned into a bipartisan exercise in imperial chest-thumping.

Economic Crisis Shakes Old Paradigms

As our global economic and ecological crises converge, neither neoliberalism nor Keynesianism can cure what ails us.

Staunching Syria’s Wounds

As Syrian society slowly disintegrates, non-aligned states from the developing world may show the way forward to a diplomatic resolution.

Breaking the Climate Stalemate

With China and the United States enabling each other to avoid meaningful emission reductions, the rest of the developing world must take the lead.

Weapons for the Weak in the Climate Struggle

This is the dilemma of most countries in the South: we are victims of climate change, and our weapons are few and limited.

Will the Burma Road End in Democracy?

Walden Bello journeys through Burma’s changing political landscape.

Labor Trafficking: Modern-day Slave Trade

Migrant workers are the slaves of the modern world.

Syria: Descending into Civil War

A representative of the Philippine parliament visits Syria to bring home overseas workers caught in the civil war.

The Apple Connection

Apple’s march to market supremacy has been accomplished at tremendous cost to both American and Chinese workers.

Germany’s Social Democrats and the European Crisis

Can the Social Democrats shape a more positive vision for Germany’s relationship with Europe?

The Puzzling Persistence of APEC

APEC’s record of irrelevance is rivaled by few other international forums.

Seven Billion … And Rising

For humanity to survive and prosper, capitalists must confront the limits of growth-led models, and progressives must confront the problem of population.

Why Al-Qaeda Won

George W. Bush and the neocons played right into the hands of Osama bin Laden, and we’re paying the economic price today.

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    Washington Debates the Pivot to Asia

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    As 2012 Ends, a Turning Point on Women’s Rights

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    As 2012 Ends, a Turning Point on Women’s Rights

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