Russ Wellen holds down the “Nukes and Other WMD’s” desk at the Faster Times, and writes “The Deproliferator” for Scholars & Rogues and other blogs. He is an advisor to the Madrona Institute and co-moderates Terralist.


Bin Laden Put Out to Pasture

Osama bin Laden may not just have been in hiding, but in forced exile.

Bin Laden Grows a Conscience

If you can call it that.

Missile Defense: Ever the Fly in the Ointment of U.S.-Russia Relations

Missile defense is a bottomless fund of misinformation between the United States and Russia.

The Arms Race Was Fed by More Than Just the Need for More and Better Nuclear Weapons

Strange as it sounds, the decision to target weapons over cities only added to nuclear risk.

Iran Errata: Encouraging Words Turn Out to Be Repackaged

Meanwhile, enriched uranium is Iran’s coin of the international realm.

When Nuclear Weapons Programs Fail to Ripen

The West needs to give states with weak institutions space while they sabotage their own nuclear-weapons scientists by micro-managing and strong-arming them.

Will Suu Kyi’s Assimilation Into Burma’s Electoral Process Leave Its Ethnic Minorities Behind?

She may be biding her time, but Aung San Suu Kyi has yet to forcefully advocate for them.

Empathy, Thy Name Is Anders Behring Breivik

Never let it be said that Anders Behring Breivik doesn’t feel our pain.

Are Nuclear Weapons Really a “Big Sin” to Iran’s Supreme Leader?

Does Ayatollah Khameini or doesn’t he condone nuclear weapons?

Iran Errata: Israel “Tunes up” Iran for U.S.

Fordow, Iran’s nuclear-enrichment facility, figures to be a sticking point in negotiations.

Grand Poobah of R2P Goes All Travis Bickle on FPIF’s Zunes

Gareth Evans felt a Responsibility to Protect his checkered record.

Our Iran Policy on the Couch

The U.S. foreign-policy establishment needs counseling.

Dam and Ethnic Disputes Threaten to Undermine Credibility of Burma’s President

President Thein Sein has a long way to go to win the trust of the West, as well as his own people.

A Bromance Made in Hell: When Mitt Met Bibi

Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu worked for the same firm before becoming politicians.

Mountains Made of Muslims

During the crusades, the fields were “bedewed” with Muslim blood.

Jamming the NSA

The NSA and illegal surveillance have become dystopian in their dimensions.

Many Share Blame With Sgt. Bales for Killing of 17 Afghans

The chief Afghan investigator agrees that Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was the sole killer of 17 Afghan civilians.

Justifications for Slaughtering Muslims Were in Ample Supply for Crusaders

Thanks to rules and historical accounts in the Old Testament, early Christians found the justification and precedents they needed to kill Muslims en masse.

To Know Your “Enemy,” Know Yourself: Towards a More Profound Objectivity

Much more effort is expended on figuring out what makes Islamic extremists tick than on what motivates the will to dominate of the United States.

Republicans Never Let a Chance to Call Obama an Appeaser Pass Them By

Conservatives jumped all over President Obama’s open-mic remarks to Russian President Medvedev at the Seoul Nuclear Security Summit.